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Apartment buildings move to contactless visitor management

5th November 2020 Print

Evolving security needs have seen doormen and front desk concierge replaced by modern technology. Furthermore, health concerns such as COVID-19 have reiterated the need for a safe and hygienic residential environment. One key tech solution that has revolutionized apartment visitor management is video intercom systems. Apartment building managers who are already using this robust tool are realizing higher efficiency, and a better visitor experience. 

Benefits of Touchless Visitor Management 

Traditional visitor management is often expensive, inefficient, and sometimes even impractical. Doormen may have a hard time keeping track of guests at busy residential entrances. Visitors may be required to wait in line, leading to a waste of both time and productivity. With a touchless visitor management system, landlords and building managers can reap crucial operational benefits. 

1. Ensure building security 

Residential buildings are particularly prone to security breaches that can damage reputation and lower tenancy levels. Landlords and building managers shoulder the responsibility of ensuring that employees, visitors, and assets are safeguarded from malicious intruders. Contactless visitor management systems ensure that only authorized guests can access the premises. Video intercom and mobile unlock are often used to admit visitors at the entry points. By providing a secure environment, occupants enjoy peace of mind, which can lead to improved productivity. Visitors will also positively perceive buildings that take security seriously. 

2. Maintain a hygienic environment 

High touch surfaces in apartment buildings are an epicenter for the spread of disease-causing germs. Installing a touchless visitor management system can help prevent the escalation of ailments such as COVID-19, common cold, and the flu. Some apartment video intercom systems also come with additional tools that can help you enforce capacity limits and health checks to ensure a safety-first residential experience. 

3. Convenient visitor management 

Traditional visitor management entails using admission forms or sign in sheets to capture visitor details. In busy residential environments, this can result in delays, loss of productivity, and data privacy challenges. The best video intercom systems replace physical forms with digital forms that store information securely. Visitors can simply be pre-invited via their email address, ensuring that they record the requisite information ahead of time. Visitor management technology also provides scalability in that the same system can be used for multiple apartment buildings. 

4. Improve visitor experience

Provide your guests with a convenient and technically advanced way of checking into your apartment building. Many times, people judge building premises either positively or negatively based on their first impression. Touchless visitor check-in ensures that guests can seamlessly use their smartphones and mobile credentials to get in. Alternative approaches include QR codes, digital visitor badges, and pre-invitation. This process is entirely automated, ensuring a smooth and speed flow of visitors into the building.  


Video intercom systems are the future of visitor management. These solutions provide a hygienic and safety-centric visitor management experience. More so, contactless visitor management can help reduce ongoing costs and increase property resiliency.