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What makes weight loss supplements for women unique

22nd December 2020 Print

While there is no magical way to instantly reach the body of your dreams, technology, science, and medicine are continuously developing new methods to help you in the process. Indeed, you should take up exercises and follow a well-balanced diet. 

However, with the help of weight loss supplements, you can see the results more vividly. There are several kinds of supplements for women. You can use pills or natural extracts to help burn fat and stimulate weight loss. Here is a list of weight loss supplements and how they can benefit your body.

Main Functions

Weight loss supplements certainly talk a big game, but what do they actually do for your body? Basically, they target important aspects of metabolism. Supplements decrease the absorption of some nutrients, such as fats and carbs, to give you the feeling of consuming fewer calories. They also reduce your appetite, so you should be careful with the dosage. Additionally, they stimulate fat burning, resulting in burning more calories, getting more energy, and having better overall metabolism.

Weight Loss Supplement Sources and Regulations

Whether herbal or synthetic, weight loss supplements have various types. Each pill offers different benefits compared to the other. However, the aspects of metabolism promotion and fat burning remain. Before deciding on what pill to take, you should learn more about the effectiveness, mechanism of work, and side effects of each one. 

Rest assured, companies are responsible for the safety of what they produce. While such supplements do not require FDA approval, the FDA can deny a product if it deems it unsafe for use. Pharmaceutical companies ensure that their products have no contaminants and are labeled accurately.


Chitosan is one of the most effective weight loss supplements. It is a type of sugar extracted from the shells of shrimps, crabs, and lobsters to be used as a medicine. It can block fats and keep your body from absorbing cholesterol. You can take chitosan to help you boost fat burning, in addition to a healthy diet for better results. It is used to treat obesity, kidney failure, and anemia. Consuming it helps people experiencing insomnia and loss of strength as well.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea has always proved itself useful when you are dieting. Its extract can even work its way more efficiently as an ingredient in a weight loss pill. This extract curbs the appetite, burns fat, acts as an antioxidant and refines the metabolic rate. It keeps your liver, heart, and skin healthy. It also helps with disease prevention and blood sugar reduction.


Forskolin is a compound found in a plant resembling mint. It effectively stimulates fat burning and increases muscle mass by releasing stored fat. The good news is that there haven’t been any side effects of using it reported yet.


Hydroxycut supplements are a popular brand in the world of pharmaceuticals. They have proven their effectiveness over the years. Their ingredients include caffeine, green tea extract, calcium, vitamin C, wild olive extract, mint extract, and komijn extract. This blend of various compounds helps in weight loss, muscle toning, and strength enhancement. 


This is a good drug to treat obesity, and it has an OTC version called Alli. In any case, women can use this if they are on a calorie-restricted or low-fat, low-carb diet. Orlistat blocks the enzyme responsible for absorbing fat in the gut. By suppressing the function of this enzyme, the fat passes without digestion and is expelled from the body. As fats are high in calories, orlistat helps in decreasing caloric intake, thus helping you lose more weight.



In moderation, caffeine can be your best friend in a diet. It is widely consumed in beverages and it is present in green tea and dark chocolate. However, as a compound, it is a key ingredient in weight loss supplements. In regulated doses, caffeine promotes fat burning, stimulates the central nervous system, and increases focus. While exercising caffeine can use body fat as fuel to help you perform better. It also enhances muscle contractions and reduces instances of fatigue.

The goal of weight loss may seem like a long, tiring journey. Following a healthy diet and working out frequently certainly get the body of your dreams, but sometimes you wish for an extra push. This is where weight loss supplements come into play. They give you the external help you need with impressive results. Every day, science and medicine develop new ways when it comes to weight loss. So, you will always find new products on the market. When choosing this route, it is wise to consult your doctor. Eventually, you will relish in the benefits of such supplements and reach your target.

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