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Remember these 15 things when doing a job relocation!

14th February 2021 Print

Got a new job offer? Congratulations! But what if the job is in another city, state, or country? Then you need to plan your job relocation carefully, so it’s as stress-free as possible. 

Learn how to handle a job relocation move with the tips we provide below? Need help with your relocation? You can rely on an experienced employee relocation moving company to make your move a breeze! 

8 Weeks Before Move

Visit Your New Office

A few months before you relocate, set up a time to visit the new community and where you’ll work. This alleviates first-day nervousness. It also ensures you’ll transition smoothly to your new assignment. Remember to tell your new employer that you’re coming. 

Connect With Coworkers

When you take your trip to the new city, invite your coworkers to coffee. If they moved from another area, they could provide fantastic advice on settling into your new area. 

Inquire About Relocation Benefits

Ask your company if they pay for any moving costs. Many organizations provide relocation services to their workers. Most big companies will fund at least part of a relocation. Talk to the HR department to see what’s offered. 

Think About Living Costs

When looking for your new house, think about what it costs to live there. Are restaurants expensive? Is it cheap to eat out? Is gas expensive? Also, look at home prices and rental costs in neighborhoods you like. 

6 Weeks Before Move

Find New Home 

Try to begin your house hunt at least two months before your move. Hire a skilled and experienced realtor to show you the ropes of your new town. 

Plan a Budget

Before you call moving companies, determine your moving budget. Think about how much your employer can pay for your moving expenses. Remember that moving companies usually charge $5,000 and up to move to another city. 

Track Moving Costs 

Keep tabs on your moving costs, and see if your company is covering any of it. Keep your credit card statements and receipts. After the move is done, you’ll need to give your company copies for reimbursement. Keep track of moving company costs, van rentals, packing supplies, and car shipping. 

Schedule Moving Company 

If you’re using professional movers, schedule a skilled moving company ASAP. When choosing the move date, remember that it will affect the cost when you do it. Moving from May to September costs the most. And weekends are also pricey. 

4 Weeks Before Move

Find Temporary Housing

If your new home isn’t’ ready, you can look for a short-term rental home and apartments or Airbnb or VRBO. Ask if your company will pay for short-term rental costs. 

Set Up Car Shipping

Driving your cars to a new city can be expensive and complicated. A car shipping service can ship your car direct to your driveway. Contact the company at least 30 days before the move. 

2 Weeks Before Move

Forward Mail 

A month or so before the big day, visit and select the date you want to start forwarding the mail. 

Transfer Utilities

Tell all utility providers in your town about the move. You’ll probably need to deactivate and activate Internet and cable, sewer and water, electricity, gas, and trash. Check utility companies in your new community and set up installation dates. Remember to have vital utilities such as the Internet and electricity turned on before you arrive. 

Day Before Move

Pack Your Essentials Bag

This is a biggie that so many people miss! You need a suitcase or backpack with all essentials: toiletries, clothes, shoes, prescription drugs, contact lenses, baby and pet supplies, and vital documents and valuables. 

After the Move

Rent Car

If you ship your cars, you could need a week to receive them at your new residence. So, you might need to rent a car for a few weeks. 

Check State Tax Laws

If you moved to a new state, check its tax rules. If you moved to a state with no income tax, you may keep more of your money than your old job. To use the new state’s tax structure, you may need to set up your new home in the first weeks. 

Follow this relocation checklist, and we’ll be your move will be easier than you dreamed!