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This technology will help with your next backyard remodeling project

26th February 2021 Print

Remodeling your backyard or garden is one of the best projects you could take on around the house. You probably spend more time in your yard than you realize and upgrading the aesthetics is a great investment of your time.

It’s not easy to remodel a yard by hand. It can be done, but unless you enjoy getting your hands dirty and sore, check out the following tools to see if you can use them for your project.

1. A mini excavator

A mini excavator will be your lifeline when you’ve got plenty of yard to flatten or you need to dig up rocks, gravel, or blackberry bushes. If you don’t own one, but know someone who does, it’s worth asking to borrow it for a weekend.

If you can’t borrow one, you can rent a mini excavator with several different attachments for your project. Just be sure to get your attachments and excavator from the same place to ensure the attachments match the excavator’s hydraulic flow and pressure output. Some attachments require more functionality than certain machines can handle.

2. Copper tools

Copper tools have been around for centuries. In modern times, people mostly use copper tools for gardening to discourage slugs from eating their plants. However, many people have noticed that copper tools (like shovels) cut through soil with less resistance. 

Copper is a highly conductive material and the earth is loaded with electrical energy (and can be used as a battery), so it makes sense that copper tools would create a smoother digging process. However, copper has another superpower: copper tools increase soil fertility. The simple explanation is that using iron tools causes soil to rust, which diminishes the ability for plants to grow and thrive.

If you need to do some manual digging, landscaping, or gardening, pick up a set of copper tools, most importantly a shovel, and avoid using standard tin or iron tools. You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to work with copper in the soil. The best part is that copper doesn’t rust and doesn’t require constant maintenance.

3. A lawn leveling tool

Provided you’re not working with giant valleys or potholes in your yard, a lawn leveling tool like this one will help you fill in the low spots with dirt and level it out. It’s really simple to use. All you need to do is get some dirt (or transport dirt from another area of your yard) and haul it out to the areas you need to level.

4. Roto-tiller

Whether you’re preparing a garden, a lawn, or any other type of landscape, a roto-tiller will make your life easier. There’s just no way to till the soil by hand without one. It would be back-breaking work. 

If you’re going to renovate your yard, go all out and do it with the best equipment you can possibly use. If you don’t want to buy a roto-tiller, you can rent one by the day or the week. You can find some cheap ones online, but even the high-end tillers have numerous bad reviews stating the units stopped working after several months or they didn’t work as well as advertised. 

It’s probably better to rent a roto-tiller from an equipment rental business rather than buy one online.  

5. A chainsaw

Chances are, you’ve already got a chainsaw somewhere on your property. They come in handy for a lot of uses, including demolition. If you’re tearing down old structures in your yard, like sheds, barns, or huts, use a chainsaw. It’s fast, easy, and less messy than trying to knock down walls with a sledgehammer. It’s probably safer, too.

It’s a good idea to sharpen your chain before you begin to get the cleanest cuts. You’ll also need to sharpen your chain when you’re done, but it’s worth it because it’s easier to sharpen a chain than it is to clean up a mess made with a wrecking ball or sledge hammer.

If your structure is made of untreated wood, you can use it for firewood. Otherwise, you’ll want to haul it off to the junk yard. 

6. A post hole digger

When installing any kind of fencing, you need to create some pretty deep holes that can accommodate your posts. If part of your renovation includes building a fence, you need a post hole digger. Although it sounds simple, it’s not easy to dig a hole.

Make your yard renovation project simple and smooth

There’s no need to do your renovations by hand. Use these tools to get better and faster results and let the technology do all the hard work.