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Why you should let the pros move your piano

25th March 2021 Print

A DIY move may seem like the best option for your wallet, but it’s not the ideal method for your piano. Moving this bulky, heavy, and fragile instrument without damaging it can be a challenge on your own.

Luckily, there are plenty of moving companies that offer this service in addition to their usual moving and packing services. Keep scrolling to see why you’ll want to call them up. From cushioning your budget against unexpected emergencies to saving your back, the reasons will convince you to give up on DIY.  

It’s Heavy

As one of the biggest musical instruments in the world, a piano is no lightweight. While an upright can weigh-in at 300 pounds, the average grand piano tips the scales at a whopping 1,400 pounds. 

Imagine trying to deadlift 1,400 pounds on your own. Even with a handful of friends, this could be an impossible challenge to the average homeowner. For the best moving companies, it’s just another Tuesday.  

You Risk Injuring Yourself

Considering its weight, you’re more likely to hurt yourself in attempting to move it. Straining your back or tweaking your knee is even more probable if you aren’t used to hard manual labour. 

You also have to account for all the accidents that can happen when moving this instrument on your own. Someone could accidentally lose their grip and send your precious cargo crashing to the floor — and your toes!

You Could Damage Your Property

Rushing to the ER is the worst-case scenario, but don’t forget, mistakes could also wind up damaging your home or ruining your instrument. If you thought tuning was expensive, wait until you see the average price for repairs and restoration. 

The Professionals Have Special Equipment

An experienced moving company understands the piano isn’t like a couch or armoire. It’s heavier than these items and ten times as fragile, so it needs special attention if you want it to survive the trek. 

To give it the care it deserves, the professionals use specialized packing supplies and lifting equipment to ensure they prepare your instrument for such a big move. These techniques protect your piano — inside and out — while preventing injuries to their team and damages to your home. 

You Can Buy Insurance

When it comes to your great-grandmother’s grand piano or the first upright you ever bought, you can never be too careful. It’s not just an expensive instrument — it’s a priceless belonging. 

While the professionals will take all steps necessary to protect your prized possession at every step of your move, accidents happen. Having insurance is your backup in case something goes sideways during this routine process. 

The best moving companies offer basic insurance coverage as part of their rate. However, you’ll want to discuss expanding your policy to ensure the market value of your piano is covered. 

You could purchase insurance on your own if you decided to DIY, but it’s easier to get it through a moving company. They’ve done this countless times, so they’ll walk you through what you need. 

Ditch the DIY Method

While you could try to move your instrument on your own, it’s not a good idea. Better leave it to the professional movers who know how to handle this important possession safely.

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