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5 ways UV germicidal lamps can benefit your business

27th March 2021 Print

In many industries and occupations, from HVAC installation to agriculture, ensuring water, air, and various surfaces are sterile is often critical. However, not all methods of sterilization are equally effective. Additionally, some methods allow business owners and employees to sterilize air, water, and surfaces more efficiently than others.

Consider UV germicidal lamps. As the name implies, these specialized lamps use ultraviolet light and radiation to sterilize numerous surfaces and materials. Although they’re often used in HVAC, printing, healthcare, and similar industries, they have applications in virtually any field where business owners may need to prioritize sterilization. 

If you own a business, you may want to equip your facilities and employees with UV germicidal lamps. Benefits of doing so include the following:

Promoting safety

This is a simple point, but it’s a critical one and thus earns a spot on this list. As a business owner, you have a responsibility to keep both your employees and your customers safe. One way you can do so is to use UV germicidal lamp technology to ensure your facilities are sterile. When your employees see you’re taking such steps to promote their safety and health, overall engagement may improve.

Avoiding claims

Investing in UV germicidal lamps may also have very practical financial benefits. Because these lamps kill various bacteria and viruses, when you use them in your business, employees and customers are less likely to develop illnesses as a result of being exposed to harmful bacteria at your facilities. This reduces the chances that your business will be the target of a worker’s compensation or personal injury claim or lawsuit. 

Keep in mind that allowing employees to become sick will impact your bottom line in many ways. Even if employees don’t file worker’s compensation claims after getting sick on-the-job, they may be inclined to seek jobs elsewhere if they weren’t protected. This results in high turnover costs.

Adhering to regulations

In some industries and jurisdictions, maintaining a reasonably sterile workplace is actually a legal requirement. In general, federal laws require that employers facilitate safe environments for workers. By using UV germicidal lamps to remove bacteria and viruses from your workplace, you’ll be less likely to face any major legal consequences for failing to protect your employees.

Reducing costs

Along with guarding against lawsuits, claims, and fines, sterilizing your facilities with UV germicidal lamps can further reduce costs by eliminating the need to constantly clean various surfaces and materials you may work with. This technology can often replace professional cleaning crews. It’s also more efficient than many other methods of sterilizing your facilities, saving you time as well as money.

Attracting customers

In some industries, you may not merely use UV germicidal lamps at your own facilities. You might also offer this technology to customers. For example, many HVAC companies successfully attract more customers by using this technology to improve indoor air quality in homes. This naturally sets them apart from competitors who are not taking advantage of such innovations.

In general, though, UV germicidal lamps can not only eliminate bacteria and viruses, but odors as well. This helps businesses in nearly all industries attract more customers and make the right impression on visiting clients by promoting a more welcoming and pleasant environment. Again, employees are also more likely to be engaged and productive at work if they see their employer respects them enough to optimize their working conditions. This can give you a significant edge over the competition.

These are all reasons business owners in various industries should consider using UV germicidal lamps. In our post-Covid-19 times, it’s never been more evident how important sterilizing workplaces can be. This technology simply makes sterilizing your facilities easier.