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4 best specialist dessert restaurants in London

14th September 2021 Print

London still reigns supreme with a never ending choice of places to sample the latest dessert trends, having something for everyone. Each and every dessert being unique to one another even cross-breeding flavours and recipes. If you’re not one to get messy experimenting in the kitchen then these dessert places are a must, here are 4 specialist go to places in London.


Egg waffles was invented in Hong Kong in the 1950s, the process behind it started off with making the most out of unused, cracked eggs an Asian grocery shop owner experimented to develop this egg batter. Forming a golden coloured honeycomb shape with a rich cake flavour with a hollow crispy outer layer. A very simple but effective recipe of Sugar, flour and evaporated milk added to an egg batter then poured into a honey-comb metal plate to cook into waffle. Nowadays, the formula has been improved to come in an array of different flavours including chocolate, strawberry, banana and many more however, the original flavorings were less of a dessert and more so with shredded coconuts and black sesame. Bubblewrap launched in Soho, starting off as a project in imperial college in 2015 and trialed out their idea as a pop-up stall in Berwick Street market which was a success and led to the launch of their store in Chinatown with instant success. This led to their Instagram and Facebook pages going viral everyone going mad about these dreamy bubble waffles, named in the London Evening Standard as “Chinatown dessert sensation”. Bubblewrap often release new flavours and customers can completely customize their waffles and mix flavours to create the perfect combination. My favorite flavour being ‘Oreo crunch’ strawberry cheesecake gelato with Oreo and salted caramel toppings, now how good does this sound?


The doughnut craze still dominates in London, we just can’t get enough of these deep fried treats. One of the most popular being Crosstown which have stores all around the key locations in London from Soho to Canary Wharf, 11 shops and that’s not even counting their ice cream trucks/Kiosks. Launched back in 2014 as a market stall on Leather Lane, being the first food trader to accept card payments with no minimum which boosted their early popularity. They created their first signature hybrid sourdough, the first yeast-raised sourdough, along with a vegan hybrid sourdough, providing taste for everyone. There’s a doughnut to suit each preference from fruity flavours like Blueberry & Lemon to sweet flavours like Cinnamon Sugar. Their Peach & English Sparkling Rose was the go-to this summer for a crisp refreshing taste, generously filled with peach compote and topped with award winning sparking rose. Buzzfeed quoted “#1 British dessert you must try before you die” must be good. 

Milk Train Café:

The UK’s first candy floss ice cream cone treat since August 2016. This aesthetically pleasing brand serves ice cream which comes on a cloud of fluffy candy floss, with your choice of flavour and toppings, providing a huge sugar rush. Visit them at Covent Garden to get the full experience, customizing your own Milk Train ice creams and milkshakes or if you’re not feeling experimental they have a pre made menu with plenty of options. There most recent campaign of seasonal flavours inspired by travel ‘a destination in every tub’ bringing the holiday to you this year. 

Maitre Choux:

The first and only choux pastry specialist patisserie in the world, several shops in locations such as South Kensington and Chelsea. For the most prestigious tastebuds these desserts are mini works of art in forms of eclairs, choux and chouquettes. All their creations are unique and are constantly updated to keep their customers on their toes, using the freshest ingredients baked by Michelin star chefs. Now, that is impressive. Choose from flavours including blackcurrant cheesecake and salted caramel. Whether you want a quick bite to eat or to sit down and savor it Maitre Choux is one of London’s best place for eclairs, choux and chouquettes.

Wow. London is the place to be to dig into a sweet treat, with unlimited variety. Which of these are you not missing out on?