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Why group brunch days are a growing cultural phenomenon

24th May 2022 Print

Group brunch dates are becoming increasingly popular. These offer a fun, sociable way to meet new people, hang out, and have fun as part of a group. 

This is a relatively recent phenomenon, however – in days gone by, groups of friends were likelier to opt for a night out over a long lunch, but recent years have seen brunch dates overtake these in popularity. 

We took a closer look at the possible reasons behind this, and explored the popularity of group brunch as a concept.

What is brunch?

Brunch is a concept that includes both breakfast and lunch and may be served between 10am and 2pm, although some restaurants may serve up until 5pm – part of the point of brunch is that it is super flexible, and there are no real set rules, and this is all part of the fun!

There are lots of different types of food that can be eaten for brunch, including pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon, hash browns, toast, pastries, sandwiches, salads, and so on – ultimately, the choice is up to you and your group. 

However, one thing that most brunch menus share is that they tend to include a lot of carbs, such as breads, muffins, potatoes, pasta, rice, and so on, which makes them perfect for sharing.

How do I plan my brunch date?

If you're planning a brunch date, then you'll probably need to decide what type of venue you'd like to use. Some venues will have a full menu available, while others will only have a limited selection of items. In either case, you should check if the venue offers catering services, as this can save you money and help you plan ahead, as well as allowing you to eat whatever you want.

If you're looking for somewhere to hold your brunch date, then the location really depends on how much space you have available, and whether you'd prefer to host the event indoors or outdoors. Outdoor locations tend to be better suited to large groups, but indoor venues are usually easier to book, especially if you're looking for a restaurant that has a private room. 

Why are brunch dates so popular?

There are a number of reasons for the growing popularity of brunch dates, and these include:

- They can be cheaper

The first factor is that brunch dates tend to be cheaper than dinners, as they can be held at a wide range of venues – as brands such as Supa Dupa Fly have shown – and many places will have a separate menu, which tends to be a little cheaper than the more formal dinner menu. Which brings us to our next point…

- They are less formal

Brunch dates are also often less formal than dinner parties, so you don't need to worry about making an entrance or dressing up. You can simply show up with your best jeans and a t-shirt, and get on with it.

Brunch dates also offer more flexibility. Another reason why group brunch dates are growing in popularity is that they allow you to choose where you want to go, when you want to go, and what time you want to go. There's no pressure to stick to a set date, and you can just show up whenever suits you best.

- Group brunch dates allow for more socialising

Finally, the main reason why group brunch dates have become so popular is that they provide a great opportunity for socialising. The fact that there isn't any pressure to arrive anywhere specific means that you're free to just pop along wherever you feel like going. 

It is also a good chance to catch up with old friends, or even make some new ones – the more informal nature of brunch dates means the participants are likelier to bring people along at the last minute, and this means that brunch can be a great chance to meet someone new and make new friends.

Final thoughts

Brunch is a great way to get together, hang out with friends, and relax – so why not get on the phone and start organising the ultimate brunch date with your friends today?