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Top ways to take your orgasms to the next level

29th October 2021 Print

There’s very little in life that’s quite as enjoyable as an intense orgasm. Orgasms are also very good for you. Some of their benefits include improving your immune system, reducing chronic pain, strengthening your pelvic floor, and improving your mood. There are lots of ways that you can take your orgasms to the next level, which only increases the benefits that you experience after having one. You should always strive to improve your orgasms.

In this article, you will find a full explanation of how you can take your orgasms to the next level:

VR Porn

VR porn provides an immersive and interactive experience, that allows you to feel like you’re actually having sex with the person of your dreams. You can read more here about improving your orgasms with the help of VR porn. Combined with sex dolls and sex toys, VR porn can be mind-blowing. The orgasms that you’ll experience when you’re experimenting with VR porn will be more intense than anything you’ve ever experienced before. Millions of people are choosing VR porn over traditional pornography and, in some cases, even sex.


Experimenting with your sexuality and trying things that you wouldn’t usually try is a great way to improve your orgasms. You could consider getting involved in threesomes, orgies, or experimenting with a member of the same sex. There are lots of forums, chat rooms, and applications where you can meet new people to experiment with sexually. If you’re going to experiment with a new person, then make sure you find out as much as you can about them. It’s never a good idea to go and have sex with a person that you know absolutely nothing about.


A good way to improve your orgasm is to actually abstain from sex and masturbation. If you go without for several weeks [or months], the next time that you do have sex [or masturbate] your orgasm will be incredibly intense. It will be a release of all of the sexual tension that you will have built during your period of abstinence. It’s also a good way to discipline yourself and control yourself. If you’re going to abstain from sex, then consider it an exercise in self-control. Abstinence can help you to really appreciate orgasms and enjoy them even more.


Foreplay is unfortunately overlooked by a lot of people. If you practice foreplay before penetration, you’re guaranteed to have a more intense orgasm. Foreplay can increase stimulation and build sexual tension, leading to incredible sex and amazing orgasms. There are lots of different types of foreplay for you to practice, including oral sex, touching, rubbing, and kissing. If you’re going to practice foreplay, then make sure that it’s something you’re comfortable with. Don’t feel pressured into performing any acts of oral sex or touching. If you’re not comfortable, simply tell your partner no and move on to the next thing.


Use Lubrication

Lots of times, sex can be very uncomfortable. Because some people jump straight into sex without foreplay, the vagina isn’t properly lubricated. This leads to chafing, pain, and discomfort. If you want to ensure that you orgasm and don’t experience any pain, use lubrication, to begin with. Naturally, you will lubricate as you begin having sex and won’t need to re-apply lubricant. With that said, some people don't, in which case you can re-apply lubricant. Lubrication is a great way to start sex off comfortably for both parties. It’s especially important if you don’t enjoy foreplay, because you won’t be warmed up.


If you have a partner, a good way to improve your orgasms is to just show them affection. It’s no secret that couples who are deeply in love have better sex. This is because there is more than a physical attraction there. If you notice that you and your partner’s affection is lacking, kiss and cuddle them. Remind them that you love them. Over time, assuming that the affection is mutual, your sex life will improve and you will begin to have better orgasms. If your partner isn’t showing you affection despite your best efforts, then it might be time to sit down and have a serious conversation with them.

Sex Toys

Sex toys are a great way to improve your orgasms. There are lots of high-tech, innovative sex toys available to purchase these days. It’s worth giving them a go if you want to experience intense orgasms.

There are many ways that you can improve your orgasm. In this article, we have addressed the best ways. Be sure to give each suggestion a try, if you want to improve the quality and intensity of your orgasms.

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