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Tips for a smooth office relocation in London

6th July 2022 Print

There are some situations where it’s necessary to relocate your office. This might be to cut costs, to expand, or to move to an area that’s more accessible and appropriate for your business. Whatever’s motivating the move, it’s worth taking steps to reduce the hassle and stress associated with it. Let’s look at some tips that will help to ease the transition.


It’s vital that your staff are kept apprised of developments throughout the process, right from the start. Ideally, you’ll want to consult them on the move. If the announcement takes everyone by surprise, then you might find that it leaves a sour taste. To keep everyone on board, keep the channels of communication open.


Putting several people in charge of various aspects of the move will help to make sure it goes smoothly. In this sense, the move is a lot like any other medium-term project you might undertake. Put a move team in charge of overseeing everything, and consult with them regularly to make sure that things are progressing.

Get the right help

For most businesses, a change of premises is a challenge that’s rarely faced. For this reason, it’s worth bringing in outside help to tackle certain aspects of the move. A specialist with regular experience of moving stuff will be able to identify potential problems along the way, and give you the best possible chance of avoiding them.

You should thoroughly vet the outside help you bring in to make sure that they’re reputable, and that they’ll be able to solve your problems rather than inadvertently adding to them. This goes whether you’re looking for Wimbledon removals or removals elsewhere in London.


The less stuff you have to transport to the new location, the easier you’ll find it to move your office. In this sense, it’s a lot like moving house. Before you get started, go through the office and remove all of the items that you aren’t going to be using at your new location. Either throw it in the bin, sell it, or donate it to a charity.

Budgeting and planning

Your move should be meticulously planned if you want to avoid problems. Make sure that all of your packing is clear and thorough. Have a special procedure in place for high-value equipment like computers. Make sure that you’ve backed everything up thoroughly.

You should also make sure that your utilities are all in place and working on the day of the move. If you arrive and find that there’s no power, then you might find that there’s an unacceptable interruption in your ability to operate. This is the sort of thing can take months to recover from – so be thorough.