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Moving abroad? Here’s the ultimate checklist to help you prepare

2nd September 2022 Print

Are you planning to move abroad and feel utterly unprepared? Perhaps you’re relocating to Bangkok, Thailand, and you feel like you’ve got a thousand-and-one things to do and no time to do it? Whatever the case, this checklist will help lighten the load. We’re going to share some excellent tips that will help you get on top of the moving process and start making some excellent headway. Here’s what you need to know before moving abroad… 

Start planning now

The sooner you get started the easier it will be to remedy any surprises that life throws your way. You need to start, ideally, 6-months before you make the move. Of course, if you made the decision to move last week and booked your flights on a whim, that’s much easier said than done. In any case, the more time you afford yourself, the more research you can do and thus get a better understanding at to what to pack. 

Hire an immigration pro

When dealing with visas and work permits and all of the necessary documentation required to move legally, it’s always worth hiring an immigration expert to represent you. Certainly, there are cheaper ways and you can do much of the research yourself, but navigating a foreign country’s legal system can feel overwhelming and it never hurts to have some help. 

Get your documentation together 

Now is the time to start gathering all of the necessary documentation you’ll need. We advise the following (where applicable): 

- Birth certificate / adoption papers
- Child custody papers
- Driver’s license
- Divorce papers
- School records
- Medical / dental records
- Marriage certificate
- Social security card
- Etc. 

Get your shots and immunisations 

When moving to certain countries you may be required to get various shots and immunisations. For example, if moving to Thailand you’ll need a variety of shots, including a rabies jab. Don’t panic! They’re largely precautionary. 

Research the necessary infrastructure 

If you are moving with children, you should start researching schools. It’s also important to consider healthcare, tax laws, and all of the necessary technicalities that will save you a headache once you arrive. It’s better to know well-in advanced what to expect before you make the move abroad. 

Look for viable property options 

Do plenty of research into the real estate market before you arrive. While you shouldn’t necessarily settle on a property before you’ve touched down in the country, you can open a dialogue with a real estate agent and start getting some viewings booked in for when you arrive. With enough research you can find yourself a wide variety of attractive accommodation options, such as the Knightbridge Prime Sathorn in Bangkok, Thailand. Again, it’s always worth knowing what to expect! 

Other important considerations 

- Research international moving companies (if you are taking the contents of your home).- Make sure you have access to funds

- Research cell phone services

- Confirm all dates and details

- Refill any medications and ensure you will have access to them abroad

- Pack early

- Purchase travel guides

- Get the necessary paperwork ready to notify the relevant authorities of your new registered address

- Make several copies of your passport and other IDs and keep them in a travel pack with all other important documentation

- Arrange transport to the Airport (e.g., hiring a rental and dropping it off at airport parking, etc.).