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6 things to do before winter arrives

7th October 2022 Print

With winter quickly approaching, there are a number of things you might have had on your to-do list that you won’t be able to do once winter officially arrives. If you have any of the following things on your to-do list, you’ll want to get them taken care of before it gets too cold.

1. Fix up your boat

Technically, you can fix up your boat anytime, anywhere, even in the winter if you have access to a covered area to work. However, once you fix up your boat, you’ll want to take it out to test out the changes. 

For instance, if you get a new motor and comfortable boat seats, you can’t just install everything and wait until next season to try it out.

If you’ve been planning on upgrading your boat in any way, now is the time to tackle that job. Whether you’re planning on painting your boat, adding amenities, or replacing parts, do it now so you can enjoy the results before winter hits.

2. Split and stack your firewood

It goes without saying that splitting and stacking firewood is better before it gets cold and rainy. Even if you’re not expecting much rain this winter, just a little bit of rain can soak through a wood pile enough to make it unusable for weeks.

Having your wood stacked in a dry space isn’t enough. If it’s not split to the size you need, you won’t want to be out there splitting wood in the rain or cold weather.

If you have any piles of wood lying around your property that you plan on using this winter to heat your home, split and stack it in a dry, covered space. If your wood shed is full you can stack it on pallets and cover it with a tarp, or spend a little more money on a firewood rack and cover.

3. Clean your chimney or wood stove flue

Creosote is highly flammable and builds up quickly, so if you have a fireplace or a wood stove, make sure you get the chimney cleaned before winter. Burning a fire with creosote build-up can start a serious fire.

While it’s important to get your chimney cleaned before the next use, it’s also safer to get on the roof before things get icy and slick. Don’t clean it yourself, though. Have the job done by a licensed and insured or bonded contractor.  

4. Buy warm clothes

When department stores set out their winter clothes, they usually do it closer to the cold season. By then, all the good designs and common sizes tend to be depleted. If you plan on buying any warm clothes for the winter, get them before it gets cold.

If your local clothing stores haven’t put out any winter clothes yet, you can find what you need online and possibly at thrift stores. You can also find plenty of jackets, gloves, sweaters, and other items on eBay.

5. Replace your windshield wipers

Are your wiper blades dragging dirt across your windshield, making it worse than before you turned them on? If you’ve been meaning to get new wiper blades, now is the time. Don’t wait for winter to arrive because if they’re too bad and you wait too long, you might not be able to drive in the rain to get your new wipers.

Windshield wiper blades are cheap and easy to replace, so you don’t need to have it done by a repair shop. Although, if your wipers don’t work at all, your motor could be busted and you’ll need a mechanic to install a replacement motor.

6. Fix drainage issues around your property

Do you have any spots on your property that tend to flood or collect pools of water for long periods of time? Maybe you have clay soil that won’t drain or your property has too many dips.

Before winter rains arrive, set your property up for better drainage. You might need to build a storm drain or use landscaping techniques to divert the water. If you already know where the problems are, call a professional to find out how they can help.

Cold, wet winters can create challenges

Unless you’re going cross-country skiing in the French Alps, nothing can derail plans like a cold, wet winter. Are you ready? Before winter arrives, make sure you get everything done that you wouldn’t want to do while standing out in the cold.