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Why Electric Boat Motors Are Becoming More Popular

26th June 2023 Print

Have you noticed that more people are buying and driving boats with electric motors? It's true. Electric boat motors come with numerous objective advantages, and they're becoming much more practical and available, so it's only natural that they've become more popular.

But what are the main reasons why this popularity wave has unfolded?

More Options

We can start analyzing this question by acknowledging that there are more options than ever before. Electric inboard motors and electric outboard motors are both available, and they're available in a wide range of different power levels, storage capacities, and styles. If you want to go fast, there are electric motors that can deliver sufficient power to you. If you're looking for something more affordable, there are options for you as well.

Because almost any boat owner can find an electric boat motor that suits their needs, it's only natural that we've seen more electric motor users.

More Range and Storage Potential

Historical complaints and concerns about electric boat motors have focused on range and storage potential. In other words, most boat owners don't like the idea of having to charge their battery for long stretches after every voyage – and they don't like being restricted on how far they can go. But today's electric motors offer much more storage capacity, and they're capable of supporting extended ranges. In other words, these historical issues are no longer as relevant.

Core Advantages of Electric Boat Motors

Most people who purchase an electric boat motor do so to get one or more of the following advantages:

- Charging options. Some boat motors can be charged in a variety of different ways. You can plug them in, use solar panels, or use other electricity generation methods to top them off. Additionally, there are more charging stations available than there have been in the past. You won't have to look far to find a place to charge your battery.

- Less noise. People who love relaxing, isolated boating trips appreciate the fact that electric boat motors make significantly less noise. You'll never have to worry about yelling over the motor to make yourself heard.

- Less weight and more space. Generally, electric motors weigh less and take up less space. This makes them a better practical fit than their gas-powered counterparts. If you're interested in keeping your vessel as lean as possible, or if you just like the idea of having more space to work with, this can be a huge advantage.

- Fewer fuel and maintenance costs. Some people switch to an electric motor because they're interested in reducing fuel costs. You'll still need to pay for the electricity used by this electric motor, but comparatively, the cost should be lower than what you're currently paying for gasoline or diesel. Additionally, electric motors require less ongoing maintenance, though it's worth noting that the issues that do arise tend to be complicated and expensive. Overall, you should save money on this front. In time, most electric boat motors end up paying for themselves.

- Environmental benefits. There are also environmental benefits to using an electric boat motor, as these systems produce fewer emissions. If you’re interested in minimizing your carbon footprint or living a more sustainable life, electric boat motors are a fine choice.

The Big Push to Electric

The increased popularity of electric boat motors may also be partially attributable to the big push for electric vehicles. Policymakers, manufacturers, environmentalists, and even everyday consumers understand that carbon emissions from combustion motors are destructive for the environment, and that transitioning to fleets of electric vehicles could minimize or even eliminate this damage. Electric boat motors have become associated with this movement and have risen in visibility as a result.

Higher Production Volume and Availability

Electric motor manufacturers have responded to the increased demand for electric motors, and they've responded by increasing production volume. Accordingly, these electric motors are more widely available than ever before. If you want one, you can probably find one.

Word of Mouth

It also helps that electric motors are being promoted by word of mouth. More boat owners are willingly installing them and using them, and once they recognize the practical advantages of using them, they want to share those insights with other boat owners. It's not long before everyone in the boat club decides to make the transition.

These factors and others have pushed electric boat motors to be much more popular. And with more advancements, more options, and greater production, the popularity of these alternative engine styles is likely to only increase. 

While electric boat motors aren't a good fit for every vessel or every captain, they come with innumerable advantages that make the increased cost more than worth it.