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Has The "Lads’ Holiday" industry Recovered Post Covid?

12th June 2023 Print

The COVID-19 pandemic had a devastating effect on industries and economies around the globe, and the travel industry was one of the worst impacted. There is one area in particular, however, that seems to have been slow to recover: the classic “lads’ holiday”. 

It appears that while travel, in general, has been negatively impacted, the “lads’ holiday” industry, which includes the likes of Ibiza, Magaluf, and Ayia Napa, has been hit hard by the global pandemic. 

With flights having been grounded, pubs and clubs closed, and social distancing measures in place during the various coronavirus lockdowns, many of these popular tourist destinations that were once considered a rite of passage for young people were forced to completely re-think their offerings.

So, with the height of the pandemic now receding into the distance, can we definitively say the “lads’ holiday” is in decline? Or are things finally starting to pick up? We took a closer look.

Why Were Lads’ Holidays So Badly Affected?

As we have mentioned, the restrictions associated with COVID-19 made it impossible for many people to travel. This in turn, meant that many of the popular destinations for lads’ holidays remained closed or had limited services available – particularly as so many of these destinations relied heavily on groups being able to hang out and share space. 

Spots such as Magaluf and Ibiza were heavily hit, forcing resorts to close, and decimating local economies.

What Steps Are Being Taken To Help The Industry?

It is clearly in the interests of travel brands and organisations to help boost the popularity of lads’ holidays. So, unsurprisingly, several companies have taken steps and implemented incentives to help the industry recover and ensure their own businesses not only remain intact, but also continue to thrive in the aftermath of the pandemic. 

Some of the main steps that have been put in place to help the industry recover include:

- Offering Deals And Discounts

Companies are offering their customers special discounts and deals to make destinations more affordable – particularly for students and younger people who are likely to be on tight budgets.

This includes things like free flights, reduced hotel rates, and discounts on activities. This is a great way to incentivise people to travel and helps make the experience more accessible.

- Offering All-In-One Solutions

Another great incentive is to make the experience of booking the holiday much easier. Companies are now offering all-in-one solutions that include flights, accommodation, and activities – meaning customers don't have to worry about booking each element separately.

This also ensures they are able to get the best deals on flights and hotels, and it also helps to reduce the risk of things going wrong as everything is sorted in one go.

Companies that practise a “do it all for you” approach are seeing an increase in popularity; Ayia Napa holidays with Party Hard Travel and similar firms have seen a huge uptick in recent years. After customers have experienced so much stress over the last few years, this is becoming increasingly appealing. 

These companies are offering the complete package, taking care of flights, hotels, and activities, and are seeing an increase in popularity as customers look for stress-free ways to travel.

- A Focus On Social Media Marketing

The pandemic saw a huge rise in the focus and popularity of social media, and many brands are now using this to their full advantage when it comes to promoting and boosting lads’ holidays.

Platforms such as TikTok and Instagram are the perfect marketing opportunity, and holiday companies and organisers are using this to their benefit. 

Influencers are also playing a role; this is an affordable option to help promote a specific lifestyle and make these holidays more appealing to customers.

What Does The Future Of Lads’ Holidays Look Like?

Overall, while the industry has been slow to recover from the effects of COVID-19, it does appear that things are starting to pick up and improve. Companies are offering more attractive deals and packages, and this is making travel and holidays much more appealing to customers – including young men who are keen to complete this all-important rite of passage.

There is still a long way to go before the industry fully recovers, but it does appear that there may be light at the end of the tunnel. As we begin to move further from the events of the pandemic, it is likely that more people will be willing to take the plunge and book a lads’ holiday – particularly if they can get the best deals.

Final Thoughts

It would appear that the future of lads’ holidays is in safe hands. As global travel continues to rise and grow, increasing numbers of customers are feeling inspired to hop on a plane, and leave all their troubles far behind – and this appears to include lads.

The rise of companies such as Party Hard Travel, which take care of the hard work and ensure a smooth, stress-free holiday, is likely to have had a significant impact on this trend, as customers take the chance to escape for a well-earned break.