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LDV doubles Maxus engine variants

26th April 2007 Print
The Commercial Vehicle Show sees LDV double the engine variants available for its MAXUS range with the launch of a further two new engine ratings.

To extend the power range, a 135 Ps unit is added. This offers improved driveability and acceleration at lower speeds and offers increased torque at higher speeds for more confident overtaking. The 135 PS unit is available as an option on all van and mpt vehicles and will be available on chassis cab vehicles from launch. ABS braking and EBD are fitted as standard with the 135 PS engine.

To refine the driving experience within LDV’s expanding MAXUS minibus range, a 105 Ps power unit is added. This replaces the 95 Ps engine in the minibus range only and offers improved driveability and refinement for minibus customers.

James Billingham, the head of LDV’s product development group, said the two new engine ratings complement the existing 120 Ps engine, available in all vehicle types, and the 95 PS engine, which is available on all vehicles except the minibus range.

“These new engine types are the result of a multi-million pound development programme between LDV and our engine supply partner VM Motori to produce a range of engines to meet Euro 4 Engine Emissions legislation,” said James.

LDV has achieved Euro 4 through:

Introduction of the latest generation Bosch 1600 bar common rail fuel injection system
Utilising Bosch IMA Injector Matching Technology
Redesign of the air intake and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems
Exhaust and catalyst development
Engine calibration

Testing of the new engines was thorough. James said: “Through the course of this development programme, over one million miles of road-based testing was conducted, in addition to testing at altitude and extremes of hot and cold temperatures. As well as proving full compliance to exhaust emissions requirements, testing demonstrated a reduction in fuel consumption on all test cycles.”

The basis for LDV’s latest engine development is the 2.5 litre, four cylinder VM power unit that MAXUS has utilised since its launch and which has demonstrated class leading durability and reliability in service. The extension of the option range and the compliance with more demanding emissions have been achieved without the addition of particulate filters, variable geometry turbo charging or exhaust after treatment. This has resulted in the reduction of vehicle complexity and the minimising of servicing costs. MAXUS’ 20,000-mile service intervals remain unchanged.

New MPT and Bi-Purpose Range

In addition to new engines, LDV also unveiled a brand new MAXUS mpt and bi-purpose range at the Commercial Vehicle Show.

LDV chose its new MAXUS Titan mpt to display at the show. However the range is extensive and includes:

Six seat short wheel base 3.2 tonne
Six seat long wheel base 3.5 tonne
Nine seat long wheel base 3.5 tonne
MAXUS Platinum mpt
MAXUS Titan mpt

Sales and marketing director, Tony Lewis, said the new range was designed to meet a growing need from the construction and rail industries and other professionals looking to transport both workers and equipment. “As a van specialist, we are continually looking at ways in which our vehicle knowledge and expertise can be configured to meet the needs of a wider range of customers.

“We believe our new mpt and bi-purpose range extends all the qualities of MAXUS to yet another audience.”

The new range combines the people carrying comfort of a minibus with the load carrying functionality of a van. Tony Lewis said: “The range meets the needs of companies looking to transport six workers and six sets of tools in just one vehicle. The new range cuts time and costs for our customers.”