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Lynsey De Paul’s Self Defence For Women

4th April 2007 Print
Lynsey De Paul Lynsey’s brand new DVD ‘Taking Control’ is designed to teach women how to combat attacks from violent crime. Fuelled by a fierce attack by a stranger, Lynsey received training from a 9th Dan Black Belt Ju-Jitsu master and an American Crime Prevention Officer with 20 years in the US Police Force.

Lynsey won a Royal Television Society Award for her BBC 1 documentary on women’s self-defense called ‘Eve Strikes Back’, which she devised, demonstrated, presented and associate-produced.

The programme was so successful, she has developed a self-help booklet and new DVD ‘Taking Control’ - to inform and train women of all ages in the basics of self-defense, showing vital skills that are required in 21st Century life. The central message in ‘Taking Control’ is that women need to ‘unlearn’ being ladylike, and act vocally and assertively in times of crisis.

As Lynsey says, “If you’re attacked, don’t be a nice girl!”.

- 70% of self defence is mental
- Fighting back doubles your chances of escape
- Every woman has a right to be safe

‘Taking Control’ shows you how to buy time, increase your chances of escape and how to fight back if you have to.

Find out how every attacker has vulnerable areas and every woman’s body has powerful weapons to use against these targets. Lynsey de Paul will guide you through simple self-defence techniques which will help prepare you against:

- Frontal Attacks
- Attacks from behind
- Attacks whilst on the ground
- Hair grabs

Lynsey demonstrates the two elements of self defence:

Mental – 70% of self-defence is mental
Physical – Simple, life-saving technique

‘Taking Control’ helps you lower the risk of being a victim – prepare yourself!

For more information or to order a copy of ‘Taking Control’ visit

The DVD is priced at just £12.99 plus £2.99 p&p.

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Lynsey De Paul