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Werther's Original launch new Sugar-Free sweets

14th January 2008 Print
Do you normally hate the ‘low fat’, ‘low carb’, or ‘low calorie’ versions of your favourite treats? And do you find they rarely taste like the real thing and would rather go without?

Well, Werther's Original Sugar Free Butter Candies really are the exception. They have all the smooth and rich taste of their delicious standard counterpart but are completely sugar free.

With the season of ‘new beginnings’ upon us, if you are planning to lose a few pounds as your new year’s resolution, want to review your eating habits or even feel it is time to give up smoking but are scared of the impact on the scales, Werther’s Original Sugar Free really is the sweet treat for you in 2008.

They have just 9.6 calories per sweet and the smooth, buttery creaminess lasts and lasts meaning you will satisfy your need for a sweet treat without overindulging. And because they are so long lasting, they will keep your mouth busy helping you resist your January cravings, whatever they might be.

Werthers Original Sugar Free have an RRP of just 95p for a 90g bag (approx. 27 sweets) individually wrapped in a flavour seal wrapper.

As well as being the perfect indulgence for anyone who is watching their weight, Werthers Original Sugar Free is suitable for the over two million diabetics living in the UK, providing a delicious, comforting treat to those who have been advised to remove sugar from their diet.