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Superhero goes online to combat childhood obesity

15th January 2009 Print
Superhero goes online to combat childhood obesity “Fruitness enjoy it” is a three-year campaign for the promotion of healthier eating habits, which aims to educate children and raise awareness about fruit and the role it plays in preventing child obesity. Refreshed and renewed in look and content, the Mr.Fruitness website – featuring the superhero in green tights – offers its junior friends a fun online fruit-quiz about the role that fruit plays in nutrition.

Once they have registered on the site (in five languages: Italian, English, German, Polish and Swedish), children and teenagers from all over Europe can create their own personal logo in peach, pear or kiwi shapes, play with Mr.Fruitness and his magic fruit-team and answer the fruit-quiz together with their parents. The questionnaire will be an invitation for them to give their views on fruit consumption, vote for their favourite fruit and describe what they have learned while navigating on the Mr.Fruitness site.

The new quiz is both simple and enjoyable, and is a tool designed to heighten children’s and parents’ awareness of the importance of nutrition and aid parents and adults to think seriously about their purchasing habits.

In recent years the Mr.Fruitness site has won the approval of a notable number of children: a total of over 600,000 contacts have been logged from countries where Mr.Fruitness is active, notably in Germany, Austria, Poland and the United Kingdom.

“Fruitness enjoy it” is a campaign directed at children in the United Kingdom, Poland, Austria, Sweden and Germany, the campaign is financed by the European Commission, Agea (the Agricultural Payment Agency) and CSO, for a combined value of 4 million euros. It will consist of a targeted and integrated programme of activities dedicated to promoting the consumption of EU fruits, by providing information about their intrinsic characteristics in terms of nutritional quality, safety and health benefits. For more information

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Superhero goes online to combat childhood obesity