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Morrisons Celebrates Organic Fortnight

7th September 2007 Print
To mark the UK’s biggest celebration of organic food, Organic Fortnight, Morrisons have reduced prices by a third on over 100 of their own brand organic products. The Soil Association’s annual drive to promote the benefits of eating organic produce runs from the 1st to the 16th September and Morrisons are holding staggered promotions in store throughout Organic Fortnight, encouraging customers to try a great range of organic products.

This year the Soil Association is asking everyone to ‘Wake Up To An Organic Breakfast’ so why not make the leap to organic with the most important meal of the day? To make it easy for you, at Morrisons we have everything you could possibly crave for a breakfast, from Pork Sausages and Eggs, to Low Fat Yoghurt and Muesli to Tea Bags and Jam, all Organic naturally.

Andrew Pleasance, Grocery Director for Morrisons, commented, “It is clear that organic produce is becoming more and more popular with consumers who take an active interest in how their food is grown. To meet with customer demand we have increased our organic range by over 50% in the last twelve months and our organic sales have risen by 15% in the last 13 weeks alone as more people turn to organic products.”

Why just go organic for breakfast though when we have so much more on offer? A whole host of organic fruit and vegetables will all be sporting substantially reduced price tags during the fortnight so keep your eyes peeled for the promotional banners in store.

If you fancy an organic tipple to try with your evening meal then why not pair Organic Feta (£2.49 reduced to £1.59), Organic Smoked Salmon (reduced from £4.35 to £2.89) and Organic Tagliatelle (£0.99 reduced to £0.66) with the Morrisons Organic Chilean Sauvignon Blanc (reduced from £5.29 to £3.52) or complement Organic Chicken Legs (reduced from £4.49 to £2.99), Organic Sweet Potatoes (£1.49 reduced to £0.99) and Organic Broccoli (£1.59 reduced to £1.06) with a glass of Morrisons Organic Spanish Airen (reduced from £4.49 to £2.99) for a delicious dinnertime treat?

So why not put Organic to the test during Organic Fortnight?

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