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Ready, veggie, go!

15th May 2008 Print
Giving up meat and becoming a vegetarian is a major lifestyle decision - more of us than ever before are taking the veggie pledge. In some cases people go even further and take the Vegan route cutting out fish and dairy products too.

A survey released today reveals why some of us become vegetarian or vegan, why some of us never could and why some who have cut meat out of their lives have changed their minds and just can't give up their 'guilty' pleasure.

One in 10 Brits are either vegetarians or vegans according to the research commissioned by Swedish Glace but almost the same number have tried and gone back to eating meat.

For the vast majority the main reasons for becoming a vegetarian are objections to the ways in which animals are kept, treated and killed for food or simply that they do not morally approve of the killing of animals. A third say they became a vegetarian to improve their health and fitness, with allergies and intolerances a contributing factor.

Those who have thought about it but never gone through with it say chicken would be the number one thing they would miss. Those who have tried but gone back to eating meat say the lure of a steak or bacon sarnie was just too strong. Though there are some strong willed vegetarians out there as 40% say they have no cravings at all!

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