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New rulings boost customer confidence in Dubai

15th October 2008 Print
New rulings, recently instigated by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid in Dubai will lead to a significant boost in customer confidence throughout the property market and are aimed at making Dubai an even stronger investment attraction, at a time when many global property markets are failing.

Oliver Hickey, European Sales Director for Profile Europe (UK) Ltd said, “Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid’s executive office has asked the Dubai Land Department to take immediate action by changing the laws in regard to land dealings and investors markets in Dubai. In effect this new ruling will give developers, such as Profile, the power to award residency visas to investors at the point of sale.

This is a landmark ruling and one which is groundbreaking on the international property stage.

This new power invested in developers, will help reduce the time consuming and often confusing paper trail. It will very quickly inspire customer confidence and will undoubtedly help to streamline the Dubai property market, making it a more consumer friendly market. The purpose of this regulatory body is to make Dubai unique by becoming the only area internationally that offers clients a secure and protected playing field for investment purposes. This intelligent foresight will be closely scrutinised by the Dubai Land Department to ensure that these regulatory procedures although groundbreaking, have no adverse affect on the incredible sales that have been driving the Dubai market.”

Perhaps the biggest message portrayed by these new rulings, is the ability of the ‘powers to be’ in Dubai, having the confidence to make sweeping changes in order to reach their final goal. The swiftness of these new rulings and their immediate integration into the Dubai selling procedure speaks volumes and it is efficiency like this, that the rest of the world should sit up and take notice of!”

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