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Pivotal Turkey introduces Alanya to Britain

11th July 2007 Print
Obasaray 4 Exterior Obasaray 4 is a development that makes a bold statement, it’s literal translation being the ‘Palace of Oba’ – but does it deliver?

Recognition of the constituent parts, even before assessment of the actual development raises a positive flag. The realisation of a project within ‘the’ investment district of Alanya - Southern Turkey - by ‘the’ quality local developers – IPI Group in association with Oguzhan Insaat - whose credibility in the City’s development collectively has spanned the last 31 years, points one in the right direction.

Looking closer at the development itself – a combination of 72 two-bed apartments and 19 four-bed luxury duplexes – the quality of build, attention to interior finishes and lifestyle ‘add ons’, makes the answer to the initial question a mere formality. Those ‘add ons’ include a gym, massage facilities, European Social Centre, tennis court, 200 cubic metre pool with aqua slide, as well as ‘on-hand’ 24 hr emergency Apartment Maintenance Service with a fully automated Internet based Property Management solution.

These properties, set within secure, landscaped grounds with a stunning communal pool area and serviced by an on-site restaurant and juice bar provide more than a simple holiday home. For families, they offer peace of mind in a genuine ‘home away from home’ environment, whilst investors will sleep soundly, knowing that Alanya’s tourist industry is worth approx 1.1billion euros, is responsible for 9% of all tourism in Turkey and extends to 9/10 months of the year.

According to a recent OECD report on Turkey, GDP growth for 2007/2008 is projected at 6% p.a. Combined with other key factors:

The recent introduction of a local Turkish mortgage facility for the first time in the history of the Turkish Economy

In excess of 56% of the population is under the age of 30

20M tourists visit the country each year

One of the fastest urbanising populations in the world, (65% of Turkish people now live in cities) and it would be fair to assume that Turkey is an extremely attractive investment opportunity. Capital appreciation for Alanya City over the past 5 years has averaged 13% to 15% p.a. and according to Sean Gillic, Managing Director of IPI Group, ‘the real growth has yet to happen’.

But without the facts and figures, Obasaray 4 remains an attractive proposition, located as it is, a mere 4.5 minutes (by taxi) from the city centre and its eclectic range of restaurants and buzzing nightlife, as well as being a hop, skip and a jump from one of the most beautiful beaches in Southern Turkey – Keykubat / Orange Beach.

Obasaray 4 interior

Further, the development lies next door to a comprehensive 10,000sq.m shopping centre that incorporates a supermarket and all that the home might require as well as a range of delectable eateries. If that were not enough, Tesco/Kipa is scheduled to open by the end of July – a mere 600 metres from Obasaray 4.

So why, in an environment that is addicted to the ‘next best place’ has there been so little coverage about Alanya, if on the surface it seems so attractive?

For one, it has taken its time, at its own pace, to appeal on all levels. Hasan Sipahioglu, Alanya’s Mayor has been instrumental in making this ancient, crime free seaside resort a low emission carbon neutral city with extensive public facilities, including a 4.5km walkway from the beach to the stunning Taurus mountains.

Similarly, Alanya made a conscious decision to wait for the right time to expound upon its virtues without jumping on the ‘Turkey band wagon’. Those virtues include its 4-5 degree higher temperature in the winter than other popular coastal resorts, its proximity to several internationally respected championship golf courses, 15km of beach, a second international marina (currently under construction) and easy access to quality skiing facilities.

All this sounds very new, but Alanya is a city of historical importance – the cliff-side castle and remarkable ‘red tower’ being testament to this. It’s name dates back to the 13th century and is a derivative of the Sultan ‘Ala ad-Din Kay-Qubad,’ though the history of the city dates back many centuries before that.

The result of Alanya’s many incarnations is its genuine acceptance of foreigners within its cultural heritage and the integrated community has spread its wings to recent buyers from Scandinavia, Germany, Holland, Ireland and more recently UK citizens.

Medical facilities in Alanya are equally impressive with 3 private hospitals offering cutting edge medical treatment facilities to Turks and Europeans alike. There is also a sigificant number of dental clinics offering exceptional levels of treatment. With treatment costs as little as 35% of their European counterparts, it is not surprising that dentistry has contributed significantly to the recent increase in medical tourism taking place in Alanya.

‘For some it’s the micro-climate with an average temperature of 72 °F (22 °C) and for some it’s the range of facilities on offer’, comments Mr Gillic, ‘but for most, Alanya’s attraction lies in the overall package it can offer to whoever might be interested in discovering this unassuming gem’.

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Obasaray 4 Exterior