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Extreme numbers emigrate overseas

26th August 2007 Print
Extreme numbers emigrate overseas 2006 held the record for the highest number of people emigrating from the UK, statistics say.

An astonishing 385,000 people; almost 50,000 more than 2005 and the highest number since records began 16 years ago, emigrated overseas according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Although the report doesn't offer insights into the reasons for people moving out of the UK, it doesn't take a lot to guess why; with the almost constant rain, one of the highest costs of living in the world and the ever increasing violent crime; people can’t wait to leave.

International Property Agents, an award-winning real estate agent and property developer based in the UK specialising in property in Turkey and Spain, has noticed a dramatic increase in the number of people buying property abroad with the intention of retiring there.

A third of International Property Agents customers, when surveyed, stated that retirement was their main reason for purchasing property in Turkey.

"With the cost of living being as high as it is in the UK and showing no signs of decreasing, the bad climate, increasing violent crime and the emerging 'compensation culture', people are simply fed up with life in Britain and are actively looking to live elsewhere" says the managing director of International Property Agents.

Prices for off-plan and newly built property in Turkey start at around £20,000 for a good quality apartment, close to the beach and all amenities. The cost of living, as well as the price of property, is considerably lower than in the UK. All these factors combined with the stunning climate are making people think twice about where they want to spend the rest of their lives.

It is relatively east to retire in Turkey. Potential retirees have to, as with all countries, show that they can support themselves whilst living there, however you can still receive your pension into a UK bank.

“Our clients who have moved out to Turkey on a permanent basis are very happy, and have easily integrated into the relaxed Mediterranean-esque lifestyle that the coastal areas of the country offers” continues International Property Agents’ director.

Figures from the Daily Telegraph claim that not only are the British the most keen population to move away from their home country; they are also the most widely spread nation. Over 40 countries have over 10,000 Brits residing there and an additional 71 countries have a British population of over 1,000.

However it's not just future retirees who are venturing on a new life abroad; another main group looking to up sticks is young professionals, eager to experience a new way of life, take their skills elsewhere and benefit from lower costs of living. With house prices all but removing the first rung of the proverbial property ladder, many in their 20's are 30's are being forced to broaden their horizons to have any hope of getting onto the property ladder.

A much hyped strategy is for the first-time buyers to purchase buy-to-let property overseas, rent the property out over the high summer season to highly lucrative holiday-makers, and then sell the property at a profit; using the capital gained to put a deposit down on a UK property.

International Property Agents can offer full advice on buying property in Turkey, for a holiday-home, investment, retirement home or any combination, and any issues regarding immigrating to Turkey.

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Extreme numbers emigrate overseas