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More to Cyprus’s Famagusta than just Ayia Napa

1st August 2008 Print
More than simply the home of the clubbing paradise of Ayia Napa, the Famagusta region of Cyprus has small family towns, great beaches and some fantasically priced property, some priced as much as 20% lower than property in Paphos. Anyone wanting to buy property abroad should have Cyprus high on their list, with Famagusta being an increasingly popular region, according to experts at The Overseas Guides Company.

Southern Famagusta covers the areas of Protaras, Paralimni, Cape Greko and, perhaps the most infamous, Ayia Napa. A coastal village on the southeast of the island, Ayia Napa has less than 1000 inhabitants but during the summer months it sees the arrival of approximately 10,000 tourists and has built up a reputation as a wild party-town. As such, Ayia Napa may not be a logical choice for those considering buying property in Cyprus, but that doesn’t mean you should disregard the entire Famagusta region in your search.

Famagusta boasts stunning views with beautiful and clean beaches, picturesque sleepy villages and, somewhat rare in the ever-developing European countries and lots of open spaces. Each town in the region is close enough to everything else, however, that there are no remote areas; even a property found 10 minutes inland is still near to all amenities. And the amenities in Famagusta have come on leaps and bounds in recent years. You can now find just about every type of international cuisine as well as the traditional cuisine of Cyprus that you would expect, with most restaurants serving food to a very high standard.

While the nightlife of Ayia Napa is world-famous and certainly delivers for those looking for bustling clubs and bars, happy hours and a young and exuberant crowd, the other areas of Famagusta have their own buzzing nightlife, albeit a slightly calmer one. Areas such as Paralimni, Kapparis and Protaras have countless bars and pubs and lively restaurants that open late into the night. Families are also well catered for, however, thanks to the endless clean beaches, lots of day trip options and zoos and aquariums to visit.

Whereas Famagusta used to all but closed down during the winter months, every year that passes sees more attractions, restaurants and villages staying open and busy throughout the year. This is good news for people looking into buying property in Cyprus with the intention of renting it out, as the season in which they can potentially have tenants in Famagusta is growing year-on-year. Kim Brown of The Overseas Guides Company explains: “This extended season, coupled with properties being available at prices far lower than areas such as Paphos, and a lower cost of living in general, combined with a great climate, friendly local community and beautiful scenery makes Famagusta in Cyprus a great consideration for anyone looking to purchase property abroad.”

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