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KLM extends inflight entertainment range

25th July 2007 Print
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will in the coming months renew and extend its range of personal inflight entertainment aboard its intercontinental fleet. During the coming three months, passengers will be able to use the Texting/Email function of the inflight entertainment system free of charge. As of September, the range of audio and video programs will be extended substantially.

The KLM personal inflight entertainment system is available to all World Business Class and Economy Class passengers aboard KLM’s Boeing 777s and Airbus A330s. The system is currently also being installed in the World Business Class (WBC) cabins of KLM’s Boeing 747 fleet. In the fall, KLM will also begin installing this innovative personal inflight entertainment system in both the WBC and Economy Class cabins aboard its MD-11 fleet.

SMS/Email Promotion

To promote use of the system’s Texting/Email function, passengers will be given free access to this service in August, September, and October. This service normally costs USD$ 2.50 per message.

Extending the range

Effective September 1, existing audio and video programs will be extended with a wide variety of new films, games, popular series, and documentaries. New categories of music and more CDs will also be available via the Jukebox function. This will ensure that the range of programs meets passengers’ wishes even better. A further addition to the personal video program is that passengers will now be able to view the promotional video for the KLM AirCares charity program on their own screen at any given moment.

New Programs

In addition, KLM will introduce four new programs on September 1: language lessons, audio books, background information about flying, and a business programme.

Language Lessons

Passengers will have access to beginners’ courses in 23 languages, supplied by Berlitz World Traveller. Passengers can learn a new language based on language they are familiar with. The courses are presented in an audio-visual format in an entertaining and interactive manner. The course includes exercises, tests, and games. Every lesson ends with a performance score.

Audio Books

KLM’s new Audio Books option is in line with the growing popularity of this form of entertainment option. The “audio book library” will open in September with three English books and will be gradually extended thereafter.

About Your Flight

The About Your Flight program gives passengers audio-visual insight into all aspects of flying. The program is interesting for experienced travelers, as well as passengers who are afraid of flying. Topics include aerodynamics, take-off and landing procedures, and turbulence. KLM will be the first airline to offer passengers this service.

Business Program

The new B-Wise program is specially aimed at the international business travelers, offering insight into the complex world of global business. The program also looks at cultural and business customs and protocol in various countries.

KLM will offer all of these new inflight entertainment programs free of charge, as is the case with existing range.