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New breakfast experience for KLM passengers

29th October 2007 Print
When the winter schedule takes effect on October 28, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will introduce a new kind of breakfast to its economy class passengers on intercontinental routes.

Following the success of the new “Mealbox” including hot soup, introduced in the spring of 2007, KLM is now presenting two new additions developed as a result of research into passenger interests and emotions by Pieter Desmet at the Delft University of Technology.

Morning Tapas
Passengers on international flights want to wake up calmly and relaxed. KLM’s new breakfast to be served on flights of longer than eight hours is designed to directly enhance this experience. Morning Tapas offer passengers a choice from a wide selection of hot and cold snacks categorized as “light” and “heavy.” The breakfast has been put together so that it provides a mix of familiar and unusual dishes.

Alongside the Morning Tapas, KLM is introducing a special breakfast concept on international flights of less than eight hours. Shortly before landing the new breakfast will be served to help wake them up. This new, light breakfast is designed to help reset the body clock. The breakfast consists of foods designed to rehydrate the body quickly and get it going. Pieter Desmet of the Delft University of Technology said: “Drawing from recent scientific insight into the perceptive aspects of the relationship between people and products, KLM has succeeded in developing a breakfast concept directed at nurturing the emotional interests of its passengers.”

The new model is also in line with KLM’s policy of corporate social responsibility. Bart Vos, Executive Vice President KLM Inflight Services: “KLM is constantly on the lookout for ways to contribute towards a better environment within the scope of its service package, and by using new, lightweight materials to arrive at a surprisingly innovative product.”

The new breakfast concepts were thought up by the KVD reframing and design agency in Amsterdam.