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New at - Manage My Booking

3rd December 2007 Print
From the minute you book your ticket to the time you take off, “Manage My Booking” makes it easy for you to make practically all your travel arrangements.

“Manage My Booking” gives you a clear picture of your reservation. To get to “Manage My Booking”, simply select “My Booking” and enter your name and booking code. You will then see a summary of the reservation you made, including any delays or changes in your flight itinerary.

At “Manage My Booking”, you can manage the following aspects of your reservation yourself:

- change or cancel your reservation (if your ticket conditions permit this)
- get quick access to Internet check-in
- indicate your meal preference
- add your Flying Blue number
- send your reservation information to someone else’s e-mail address
- print out your reservation details
- book a hotel
- rent a car
- use the link to relevant information pages such as the ones for baggage regulations

Flying Blue members can access ‘Manage My Booking’ by logging on to the Flying Blue website and will get a summary of all their future bookings without having to enter their booking code. As a Flying Blue member, you can also see how many Miles you will earn per flight.

In the near future, you will also be able to use “Manage My Booking” to apply for Flight Status Notification. With this service, you will be kept informed by e-mail or text messaging about flights included in your flight itinerary whenever:

- your flight is delayed
- your flight has been cancelled
- there has been a change in your gate
- it looks as if you might not make the last boarding call
- you choose to receive the latest arrival and departure times for your flight
- if you have not checked in yet

Flying Blue members can request Flight Status Notification for all flights they have scheduled for that calendar year.

At, select “My Booking”, enter your name and booking code or Flying Blue number, and make all your travel arrangements quickly and easily by using “Manage My Booking”.