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KLM warns customers about fraudulent emails

19th August 2008 Print
North American customers of various airlines are being sent ‘phishing’ or ‘scam’ e-mails that often look like a booking confirmation from a reputable airline. These e-mails contain links to pages that ask for personal details or are infected with viruses providing access to your computer. KLM is advising customers that they will never ask for personal details in an e-mail.

Tips for recognising these phishing e-mails:

* They contain mistakes in spelling and/or grammar.
* They refer to booking data that you do not recognise or that does not exist.

What you can do:

* Do not click on the links in these e-mails and remove them immediately from your mailbox.
* If you receive such an e-mail that looks as if it comes from KLM, report it to KLM.

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