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KLM to serve meals by US chef Daniel Green

8th December 2008 Print
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines today started a culinary collaboration with television chef Daniel Green, who has designed meals for passengers travelling in KLM’s Economy Class from the United States. Chef Green is widely known for his focus on healthy eating.

For years now, KLM has worked together successfully with famous chefs from different parts of the globe to create meals for the airlines’ World Business Class. KLM’s collaboration with Daniel Green marks the first time the carrier has worked with a chef from the US to design dishes for Economy Class. According to Green, tasty and healthy are the main themes of his cooking style. “Healthy food can be delicious,” he says. “It doesn’t have to be complex, because a small number of ingredients can be combined to create the most delicious meals”.

In addition to his focus on healthy cooking, Asian cuisine is characteristic of Green’s kitchen. “For my job I regularly travel to Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia,” Green continues. “I absolutely love Oriental food and I’m easily inspired by these delicious and unusually spiced dishes.”

Passengers can choose from Asian bean salad, miso salmon with rice and green beans and a rice and mango custard for dessert, or a couscous salad, slow-barbecued chicken with mashed potatoes, grilled corn and red peppers and a chocolate coffee cake for dessert.

Recipes by Daniel Green can be found on his website: