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Finns go crazy for Karaoke World Championships

7th September 2009 Print

Finland is gearing up for the Karaoke World Championships that will take place from the 11th to 12th September 2009 in the city of Lahti, Southern Finland.

The seventh annual event will see participants from over twenty different countries competing for the prestigious title of World Karaoke King and Queen.

The Karaoke World Championships is recognised as the world's largest and most prestigious karaoke event which sees music lovers gather from all over the world to watch a wide and varied scale of performances that range from energetic rock lyrics through to heart- breaking ballads. Competition is fierce with winners receiving studio time to record a single and an international recording deal as well as global recognition amongst the karaoke community.

According to the Finns, this is a serious business and differs greatly from general pub karaoke. All participants have been through a tough selection process starting with national trials in their home country to prove they have what it takes. Those that survive initial eliminations are granted licenses allowing them to compete at the Championships.

Once the candidates have been elected, they travel to Finland to perform onstage to an international audience and judging panel. 2008 saw winners Juliet Gonnet from France and Michael Bates from Australia crowned in front of the largest crowd ever which included dignitaries including the Ambassador of Japan, Mr. Hitoshi Honda. Over the weekend the entrants are whittled down to a final ten (five men and five women) from which the final King and Queen are crowned.

The Finns are so passionate about their singing abilities that they hold the World Record for the ‘largest communal Karaoke,’ won in 2007 with 80,000 vocalists, and the record for the longest non-stop Karaoke with a 211 hour, 38 minute and four second singing marathon accomplished in the small town of Kouvola.

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