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Munch your way around Iceland

22nd January 2009 Print
Munch your way around Iceland

Foodie travellers can now eat their way around Iceland with the help of a brand new online gourmet guide launched by the Icelandic Tourist Board and Iceland Naturally (

The new website features an interactive guide to Reykjavik’s vibrant restaurant scene, a video of Iceland’s top TV chef Volli cooking fresh scallops straight from the sea, traditional Icelandic recipes, and details of where you can sample a taste of Iceland a little closer to home in the UK.

Find out about who’s who in the kitchen with the guide’s personality profiles of Iceland’s top chefs – working both at home and abroad, such as 27-year-old Hrefna Rósa Sætran from Reykjavik’s hip eatery, Fish Market, and Agnar ‘Aggi’ Sverrison head chef and co-owner of Texture Restaurant in London.

The guide also features an introduction to Icelandic cuisine and local ingredients such as pure mountain lamb, seafood and the unique dairy product skyr. More notorious traditional delicacies such as the infamous hákarl (rotten shark) and svið (singed sheep’s head) are also included along with a calendar of gastronomic festivals such as January’s annual mid-winter Viking feast, Thorrablot, where traditional foods are on the menu.

Sigga Groa, Icelandic Tourist Board marketing manager for the UK commented: “Iceland has a rich culinary traditional of which we are proud but modern Icelandic cuisine is not all rotten shark and sheep’s head! Young experimental chefs are making waves in restaurants across the country and the aim of the Iceland Gourmet Guide is to invite visitors to come and sample it for themselves. Dining out in Iceland is now even more affordable for UK visitors with the current advantageous exchange rate.”

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Munch your way around Iceland