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Half a million mile Mondeo makes mint at BCA

19th October 2009 Print
Ford Mondeo Estate

A Ford Mondeo Estate at over half a million miles sold for an exceptional price at a sale staged at BCA London late in September. The sale of dealer part-exchange cars was well attended and bidding was brisk across a range of older, higher mileage examples.

Among the cars on offer, the 2004 04 Ford Mondeo Estate TDCI 115 LX Estate in silver was notable for its recorded mileage of 532,491 - the highest mileage car BCA has seen in recent times. Following some fierce bidding it sold for £825.

There's no guide price for a car at that age and mileage, but with CAP suggesting a 200,000-mile example would book at £1225, this Mondeo made exceptional money. The mileage was equivalent to a trip to the moon and back (238,000 miles each way), plus two and quarter trips around the equator (56,000 miles).

BCA’s UK Operations Director Simon Henstock commented “The performance by this Mondeo Estate model must be seen as exceptional – and certainly not the norm.”

He added “If this car had been offered via any other remarketing channel, it is less likely that the seller would have seen such a return, as it outperformed all expectations. The live competitive bidding that takes place during the auction process is critical to achieving the true worth of any asset and when the buyers are out in force and demand is high, the results can be spectacular.”

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Ford Mondeo Estate