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Weight loss expert tackles fat families for new TV show

24th November 2009 Print

Fat Families is the compelling new six-part features series that sees straight-talking fat-loss expert Steve Miller move into the homes of some of Britain’s fattest families and use a range of shock tactics in a bid to help them lose weight before it’s too late.

They might blame their genes, but Steve will discover that it’s not genetics that’s making these families fat – it’s a world of entrenched habits and over-large portions that’s left them suffering health problems including diabetes, asthma, and sleep apnoea. Steve will use his no-nonsense approach to help the years of denial come to an end, and make these six morbidly obese families recognise that things have got to change.

Research suggests that 25% of all adults and 16% of children in the UK are now classified as clinically obese. Steve believes mollycoddled Britons need to be told a few home truths if they are to live happier and healthier lives and avoid becoming part of this statistic. Moving in with a different family in each episode, Steve will attempt to break their bad habits and create a drastic plan of action. To do this he will live their unhealthy lifestyle for 24 hours to get a clear sense of the problem first hand. This could mean consuming up to 7,000 calories in one day or eating ten bags of crisps in a single sitting! To find out just how fat they really are, he’ll get them to strip down to their swimmers to confront their size for the first time in years, as well as having a full medical body MOT.

Steve will makeover the contributors’ homes and arrange an intensive programme to transform the eating habits, behaviour and attitudes which helped them gain the weight in the first place. In order to guarantee they comply with his plan, Steve will be tagging the families with a special monitor that reports their progress 24/7. At the first sign of a lapse, he’ll be on-hand to ensure that they won’t be top of the ‘Fatse index’ again any time soon.

After 10 weeks of Steve’s intensive weight loss programme the families will be weighed for the final time, have they managed to turn the tide against obesity? The hard work, sweat and tears will be rewarded as the families will be treated to a top make over.

It’s not just the families that are taking part who will benefit from Steve’s tough love and expertise. He’ll show us – the British public – some amazing facts about our diets, and shock us about our own lack of knowledge of what we’re eating and what calories we’re burning. Steve will reveal his really easy, and surprising tips for weight loss and staying healthy.

Steve Miller commented: “I’m tired of people moaning that they can’t lose weight. No more faddy diets, no more excuses, it’s time to get tough. My common sense approach to weight loss will hopefully find our contributors finally being able to turn around years of frustration and lose the weight they so desperately need to.”

Emma Read, Commissioning Editor Sky1 HD, Sky1, Sky2 and Sky3 commented: “Steve has a refreshingly direct approach, his no nonsense attitude will help to transform ‘fatties’ into ‘fitties’. Over the years, Steve has heard every excuse in the cookbook, but he will break their bad habits and create a radical regime that will transform their lives forever.”

Steve Miller is a highly respected and hugely successful clinical hypnotherapist, motivational trainer, coach and author. His recent books, including Get Off Your Arse And Lose Weight, and Get Off Your Arse And Grab That New Job!, reflect this no-nonsense approach. Steve has won his own battle of the bulge, he used to be three stone over weight but using his hard-line approach he has slimmed down to a healthy size. No one is better equipped to help our families attack the fat.

For a large, healthy portion of entertainment, don’t miss Fat Families, Wednesday 6th January at 8pm only on Sky1 HD and Sky1.