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Scrappage deal awaits crash driver – if he turns up

3rd December 2009 Print
Wrecked Clio

Security barriers at English Ford in Poole have just survived a severe test. They were rammed by a Renault Clio which slid across a roundabout on the A35 Dorset Way then continued carving a path over a grass verge before skating up a 10 ft bank where it was brought virtually to rest by the security hoops before striking the back of a Ford Transit van.

“The accident happened in the middle of the night and it’s amazing no other vehicle was damaged during the Renault’s 100 yard slide,” said Tom Croft, group sales manager for Foray Motor Group, parent company of English Ford.

“Some staff drove round the roundabout on their way to work the following morning without noticing the crash and I’m told that several Police cars had done the same thing.

“The Transit van, a used vehicle waiting to be sold, suffered only minor damage but it was enough to break the valeters’ hearts because it was spattered with mud, as was the van next to it.

“It’s fair to say the Clio wasn’t looking too healthy either but if the driver would care to come back maybe we could do something for him under the scrappage scheme.

“Perhaps a tough Transit will be more to his tastes in future – and there is a SportVan version with far better go-faster stripes and wheels than his Clio ever had.”

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Wrecked Clio Slide marks 10ft bank Muddy Transits