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Ford Kuga's on-board safety camera zooms in on blind spots

25th September 2008 Print
Ford Kuga

Ford Kuga drivers can park and manoeuvre more safely thanks to a high-tech miniature rear-view camera system which reduces blind spots behind the car.

The tailgate-mounted camera – a Ford first on a passenger car –shows objects that would otherwise be hidden on a large 7-inch colour display. The system is activated whenever reverse gear is engaged and the camera’s wide-angle view clearly shows obstructions within its field of vision such as low obstacles, animals or even children.

The camera system in Ford's new compact crossover is enhanced by special graphics that are superimposed onto the camera image. Two yellow lines indicate the total width of the vehicle including mirrors. A third line marks the vehicle’s centre line to assist line up a tow hook with a caravan or trailer. The lines move to show the path of the vehicle based on the current steering angle.

Joerg Luemmen, Ford systems engineer, said: “Many customers lack confidence when manoeuvring in tight spaces or hitching a caravan to their vehicle. The Ford Kuga rear-view camera helps drivers to reverse safely and accurately, providing a clear view of that critical area immediately behind the vehicle.”

The rear-view camera, located near the tailgate's Ford badge, is fitted as standard to the Ford Kuga when customers specify the optional premium DVD touchscreen navigation system.

If the Kuga is also fitted with Park Assist sensors, the display graphics help the driver judge exactly how far objects are behind the vehicle by providing additional coloured bars which indicate distances of 0.3m, 1.0m and 2.0m.

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Ford Kuga