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Peugeot’s Partner van benefits from added grip control

12th February 2010 Print
Peugeot Partner van

Recently introduced on the Peugeot 3008 Crossover, Peugeot’s innovative Grip Control system is now available on L1 HDi 90 850 Partner van models, in both S and SE trim levels, as part of an All Terrain Option Pack. Combined with the Grip Control the option also includes under-engine protection tray, up-rated 195/70 R15 tyres, one-touch electric front windows, remote control central door locking, electric heated mirrors and passenger airbag with deactivation switch. When the option is selected on SE trim level vehicles, one-touch electric front windows, remote control central door locking and electric heated mirrors are already included as standard.

The All-Terrain Option Pack strengthens further the functionality and versatility of the Partner van, especially the inclusion of the innovative traction control system - Grip Control.

Grip Control consists of an enhanced traction control system and up-rated tyres. It is aimed at customers looking for a van that offers enhanced "all terrain" capabilities, in terms of traction compared to that of a "traditional" van, regardless of the type of terrain encountered.

The aim of the system is to optimise the traction of both front wheels by using clever electronic control, incorporated within the ESP electronic control unit (ECU). Controlling the system electronically allows the system to be more efficient and effective than a conventional mechanical limited slip differential. Five individual operating modes are available which can be selected by the driver and are accessible via a dedicated control mounted on the central fascia panel.

The operating modes are:

Standard mode, where the ESPis calibrated for a low level of wheel slip based on the different grip levels found on normal road surfaces.

Snow mode adapts the calibration of the system to provide the best traction for each of the front wheels when the van is pulling away. As the van increases speed, the system optimises the traction control to guarantee the best possible acceleration according to the existing grip conditions. It returns to Standard mode when a speed in excess of 31 mph is detected.

All-terrain mode (mud, dirt track, wet grass, etc),allows a high level of slip on the least stable wheel when pulling away to remove excess mud and improve grip. At the same time, the wheel with the strongest grip level is given as much torque as possible. The torque offset between the front wheels can be as much as 100 %, well above the limits achievable by a mechanical limited slip differential (LSD). As the van gains speed, the system optimises wheel slip to give the driver the best possible control over the vehicle. This mode is active up to a speed of 50 mph.

Sand mode allows slight wheel slip on both drive wheels simultaneously to allow the van to make headway and reduce the risk of getting stuck in the sand. Here again, the control provided by this mode is superior to that of a limited slip differential (LSD). In this mode, Standard mode is reconnected automatically above a speed of 75 mph.

ESP Off mode allows the possibility of disconnecting the dynamic stability control (ESP) and Grip Control up to a speed of 31 mph, giving full control back to the driver. Above this speed, "ESP Standard" mode is reconnected automatically.

The All Terrain Option Pack is only available on L1 HDi 90 850 kg models, including the Crew van, and costs £750 for S trim models and £640 for SE trim models, excluding V.A.T.

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Peugeot Partner van Peugeot Partner van