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First re-sealable drinks can hits UK shelves

19th February 2010 Print
No Fear Extreme Energy Drink

The UK’s first ever re-sealable drinks can, will make history this month when new energy drink, ‘No Fear Extreme Energy’ hits the shelves.

The idea behind the new can technology is that as well as being able to open and close the can, the drink will also stay fizzy for up to 24 hours, so the 485ml drink can be consumed over longer periods of time, therefore offering better value. 

The multi-million pound extreme sportswear brand, No Fear, is entering the UK energy drinks market with its unique ‘twist and shut’ can technology, designed to appeal to active, ‘on the go’ people.

Neal Haworth, category marketing manager at Aimia Foods, says: "The resealable technology allows people to drink the amount they want when they want it. You don’t have to finish the can in one go as it will seal back up and stay fizzy. That's why we thought it was perfect for an energy drink aimed at those with an active lifestyle. It's a really exciting development for the UK.

“The can will revolutionise the way in which people drink the larger can. The cans are so easy to use and it seems such a logical step for canned energy drinks, which are so popular in the UK.”

With its great taste, novelty re-sealable feature and edgy brand reputation, No Fear Extreme Energy looks set to be the drink to be seen with in 2010. RRP: £1.19


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No Fear Extreme Energy Drink