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Learn something new on a Skyros holiday

11th March 2010 Print
Skyros Holidays

The benefits of a Skyros holiday last long after the suntan has faded. They include new, and often lifelong, friendships, a fresh outlook on life and a sense of renewed confidence in one's ability to achieve long-cherished goals.

But they also include something else which is often underplayed: the acquisition of new skills that can make a difference in, or even change, one's life.

Skyros' creative writing courses have underpinned the writing career of a number of novelists including Susan Elderkin, Crysse Morrison and Shani Solomons, and its creative environment has encouraged others to shift the direction of their career - the comedian Jimmy Carr is just one of them. Jennie Dempster, a producer working on chat shows like Richard & Judy and Paul O’Grady, is another. Jennie is now a psychologist with the NHS.

Others take home skills from learning how to practice yoga in their back yard to learning Salsa, or even trying a career in music. Melanie Bass sang at the Skyros half-marathon and went on to producing a CD of her own music. People can, likewise, improve their skills in painting, become more proficient in digital photography or try their hand with mosaics or stained glass before deciding to turn such a practice into their life's love.

Comedy or theatre and mime offer different skills which can enhance one's social life. Style and image courses can improve one's self presentation with results that are beneficial both professionally and socially.

The Skyros Centre Life Coaching courses often focus on particular themes designed to upgrade one's interpersonal or leadership skills. One of the later courses is 'Getting On With People' offered by distinguished psychologist Gaie Houston. Other courses provide the skills one needs for career planning, improving relationships, creating work-life balance or learning to enjoy life more.

The educational courses and the spirit in which the holiday is run enable people to make substantial changes in their lives, even if that involves long-delayed decisions. But why not if that is what you're really after? "Going on the holiday gave me the confidence to make some decisions", wrote Judith Linder in The Observer. "When I got back I moved jobs, moved flat and got my motorbike."

But of course, as Judith said, "the most rewarding aspect was the friends I made".

On the the other hand, you can always go to Skyros and content yourself with something less ambitious and yet, as some would say, just as satisfying. You could learn to windsurf or improve your sailing skills, or do absolutely nothing in the best company you are likely to find on a holiday.

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