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Taught by the internet

30th March 2010 Print

Nearly half of Brits say a fast internet connection offers better value for money for children’s learning than a personal tutor, according to new research out today.

Around one in two (45%) say home broadband is more cost effective and has a greater impact on their child’s education than a maths or science tutor.

Websites like Google, Wikipedia and Wolfram Alpha have become so effective in providing easy access to essential resources that it’s no wonder expensive personal tutors are becoming less popular.

The majority of Brits say children with home internet access have an academic advantage over children who do not (51%). Meanwhile two thirds of parents of 11-18 year olds (66%) believe familiarity with internet search engines will help give schoolchildren an advantage when they leave school.

With almost one million young people currently not in work or training, the job market is fiercely competitive and parents are keen to give their children the best possible start.

Furthermore one in four say access to home internet at a young age will influence their child’s future career and one in three also believe it gives them a social advantage over those without it.

Craig Roberts, Broadband Services Manager at Avonline, who commissioned the research said: “Undoubtedly internet access is integral to a child’s development, when used as an effective educational tool. When asked to look back on their educational process, many British adults believe having home internet access at a young age would have helped them academically. 93% say they did not have access in the home but would have achieved better grades and learnt more if they did.”

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