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Learn to surf in Bahrain

18th March 2010 Print
Surfing in Bahrain

Wahooo! Waterpark, the Middle East’s first ever temperature controlled, indoor/outdoor waterpark, will begin lessons on March 20 at the Wahooo! Surf School - Middle East’s first training academy which will teach enthusiasts in Bahrain and the region how to ride a wave.

To launch this unique academy, the world champion flow riding team was flown in especially from South Africa and these highly qualified surfers coached all of Wahooo’s trainers who will impart surf lessons at the academy. The team comprised Wesley Fischer, winner of the first International Flowboarding Championships (IFC) held in 2009; Billy Tennant who dominates the South African competitive bodyboard scene and is a member of the South African IFC team; Matt Lammers, who has been on a board since he was 13 with his roots in wakeboarding and Marta Jekot.

Wahooo! now specialises in teaching all levels of surfing from first timers to advanced surfers; and offers private or group surf lessons.  Wahooo! instructors are experienced surfers, trained in first-aid and CPR, and offer expertise on all aspects of surfing.

At the Wahooo! Surf School, students will learn basic surfing fundamentals and master the water wave riding skills through a five week program. The 7.5 hours of training will include ways to ride the flowrider – different body boarding techniques, executing 360 degree spins, wave rolls and many more tricks.

After concluding the Surf School training, participants will qualify for a for the “Big Barrel Bash”, a weekly event where the flowrider runs at a higher speed, thus offering a bigger wave and consequently a bigger challenge. Only Wahooo! Surf School pass holders will be able to ride the wave on the day of the event making it “the exclusive wave event in town”.

For more inquiries or to enrol, visit:

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Surfing in Bahrain