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Tandem Cliff Jump launches in Queenstown

25th March 2010 Print
Tandem Cliff Jump launches in Queenstown

Leap off a 109m cliff, freefall down the cliff face and swing across a canyon with your best mate - that’s the latest adrenaline-fuelled adventure to be launched in Queenstown.

The Tandem Cliff Jump is a brand new addition to the Shotover Canyon Swing’s already extensive collection of swings and jumps into the Shotover Canyon just minutes from downtown Queenstown. 

General Manager Matt Hollyer says the new tandem cliff jump, with its 60m freefall down a rock face, offers an incredibly intense groundrush and swinging experience which is even better with a mate. 

“This is not your average backyard jump off a cliff. It’s a new and unique way of scaring the crap out of yourself. You do it with someone else which adds a whole new dimension as well as a bonding experience. And you can equal the world record right now because it’s the highest tandem jump that you can do without a plane. 

“Basically, we harness people individually, link them together then they hang on to each other and leap into thin air.  By the time the swing takes hold you’ve got up close and personal with the rock faces and are moving at more than 150km/hr while starting to swing like a pendulum across the spectacular Shotover Canyon.”

The Tandem Cliff Jump was introduced to information agents and front line tourism workers yesterday and is “fast - really really fast” according to Nomad Backpacker’s GM Aimee Jeffreys who was among the first to take the leap with a friend.

“It’s incredibly intense, very scary but fantastic to do with someone.  You really feel the energy of that person next to you as you leap off the cliff together.  It feels like a huge leap but it’s an incredibly smooth ride once you conquer the scariness of it,” said Ms Jeffreys.

Shotover Canyon Swing’s Tandem Cliff Jump is now available and costs $199 per person.

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Tandem Cliff Jump launches in Queenstown