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Australian travellers mark Gallipoli landings

21st April 2010 Print

A coach load of Australians will this evening take a 3,000km coach from London to Gallipoli for the 95th anniversary of the Gallipoli landings.

Australian tour group, the Fanatics have chartered a coach that departs London on Wednesday evening to arrive into Turkey four days later on Saturday 24th April.

The coach was announced today as a way around the flight stoppages from the volcanic ash cloud that has halted flights throughout Europe.

A trip to the battlefields at Gallipoli is seen by many young Australians as a right of passage and with 700 passengers on board this year, tour group Fanatics have been working behind the scenes to organise a coach and the required four drivers to make the monumental excursion.

"Where there's a will, there will always be a way. We have been thinking of ways to get our guys down to Turkey since the Volcano delays started to extend into this week. In the end this was the only way. Sure it will be long, but for the 70 guys and girls that have signed up today it promises to be the trip of a lifetime." Fanatics UK Manager David McClatchey said.

The Fanatics have booked four drivers who will sleep in shifts, with the only stops being for fuel & food at roadside service stations along the way.

"In true Anzac spirit, this trip is definitely for the hearty, determined & adventurous. It is a massive drive but the good thing is that everyone has signed up for it knowing how long it will take, so with the right attitude from the start it will definitely be fun."

The coach will travel through France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey along the way. The coach will take the passengers straight to Gallipoli where they will sleep out overnight for the Anzac Day service the next day.

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