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Bikers reminded of the need for adequate insurance

28th April 2010 Print

Research from the Institute of Advanced Motorists has revealed that most motorcycle accidents happen during daylight hours and good weather conditions.

The study found that most motorcycle accidents occur on Sundays, which yields 20 per cent more accidents than any other day of the week.

Post Office Motorcycle Insurance is reminding motorcyclists of the importance of taking out motorcycle insurance cover especially as research from Post Office Motorcycle Insurance revealed that 13 per cent of UK car drivers would consider swapping their car for a motorcycle or moped to save on costs.

With the number of motorcycles on the road requiring motorcycle insurance potentially set to increase, Post Office Motorcycle Insurance is advising motorcyclists to make sure they take out appropriate motorcycle insurance cover. As with cars, there are three levels of motorcycle insurance cover offered: third party, theft and fire, and fully comprehensive.

Post Office Motorcycle Insurance offers a broad selection of motorcycle insurance cover, including the option to insure up to four bikes on the same motorcycle insurance policy and up to take out £500-worth of accessory cover.