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Bikers warn of motoring mayhem

30th April 2010 Print

Half of all experienced motorcyclists believe that drivers should be given a virtual motorcycle lesson as part of the driving test to improve their attitude towards bikers, reveals research from Saga Motorcycle Insurance.  Three quarters of bikers (75%) say motorists are unaware of them whilst driving, and act with little care, which can lead to serious accidents. Over half (58%) feel other motorists are inconsiderate towards motorbikes, whilst a third (33%) simply describe motorists as dangerous.  Just 3% of   Saga bikers believe motorists behave safely towards them.

The research was carried out among motorcyclists aged over 50, the most experienced and road savvy group of riders, among the safest on the road.  If the over 50s are feeling this level of alarm about other motorists' driving behaviour, it can only be worse among younger, less experienced riders.

Not looking before pulling out at a junction is the number one gripe bikers have with motorists, over two fifths (42%) say they find this a problem. A third (32%) find many motorists do not check their mirrors properly and can miss bikers coming up behind them. Arrogance is another barrier bikers face on the roads, one in ten (10%) bikers find other motorists naturally assume they always have right of way on the road.

Over three fifths (68%) of bikers over 50 say drivers need to become more aware of their surroundings in order to make the road a safer place for both motorcyclists and other drivers. Bikers are less protected should they become involved in an accident, so it is imperative that car drivers do everything they can to improve their awareness.

Andrew Goodsell, Executive Chairman, Saga Group commented: "Car drivers should remember the old safety campaign to 'Think Once. Think Twice. Think Bike.'. Bikers should always expect the unexpected when on the roads as drivers opening car doors without looking or even deep potholes can be treacherous."

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