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The Green Insurance Company backs McBride

14th May 2010 Print

The Green Insurance Company will be backing international road-race star James McBride in the coming TT Zero race (June 9) at this year's Isle of Man event.

McBride, 34, from Kettering, Northants, is one of the UK's most experienced road-racers, having taken part in the North West 200, Ulster GP, Macau GP as well as racing in numerous classes in the legendary Isle of Man TT races. In 2010 he will race with Team ManTTx Racing in the exciting clean-emission TT Zero electric motorcycle race.

The Isle of Man TT is one of the last true spectacles left in global motorsport. Riders race against the clock around the 37.73-mile public road circuit which provides a huge test for riders. Racing began on the Island in 1907, but despite a proud history of more than 100 years, the Isle of Man TT races last year also provided innovation thanks to the inaugural clean-emissions race, which featured electric motorcycles on the course for the first time.

For McBride, the race will bring its own challenges. His traditional 1000cc motorcycle weighs around 165 kilos and produces up to 200 brake horsepower - the same as a Honda Civic Type R. He says: "On my 1000cc bike we've been speed-trapped at 185-190mph down Sulby Straight - the fastest part of the TT course. With the electric bike in comparison, we have around 40 brake horsepower and a top speed of around 112mph. Riding it is very different, as we only have one gear.

"It's also different for the spectators, who are used to the sound of an engine at high-revs and with a loud exhaust to give maximum performance. Instead, there's a quiet, laid-back 'whizz' of just the chain and the noise from the tyres!", he added.

McBride was a late entry to last year's zero-emissions race and despite not being able to get in any practice laps, he was leading his class and was in second place overall before a technical problem forced his retirement. He says: "I'm with the same team this year and they're all very passionate about this event. There is a feeling of what could have been last year, but we're not dwelling on it. Our prime focus is the 2010 race. We've tested the bike, which is a development of what we had last year and we intend to test again at Jurby circuit, on the Isle of Man. We're all extremely excited as the event is now scheduled as a proper 'race', and we have a very good chance of securing an Isle of Man TT race podium!"

The 2010 clean emissions race, TT Zero, features riders, like James, who are also competing in the other TT classes. The one-lap race will take place on Wednesday, June 9th, at 4.30pm, following the second Supersport and second Sidecar races. The qualifying sessions will take place on June 5th and 7th.

In addition to the usual prize money, the Isle of Man Government has created a £10,000 prize fund for the first TT Zero Race team to record a 100mph lap (160.93kph) around the 37.73-mile course. The highest average speed lap in 2009 was 87.434mph.

Tony Way, Managing Director of The Green Bike Insurance Company said: "The link-up between James, the team, TT Zero and The Green Insurance Company is a marriage made in heaven. The Green Insurance Company is for motorcyclists and drivers who want more than just low-cost insurance and we're committed to supporting eco-friendly racing in every way we can."

The Green Insurance Company make it easy for customers to 'go green' by offsetting 100% of their customers' bikes' harmful emissions every year they insure with them. Bikers can also get a further 5% low emission discount if they ride a greener bike and/or complete lower mileage. So, they can be kinder to the environment while enjoying the practicality and pleasure that only a motorcycle or scooter can bring.

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