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Fifty years of the Seven - from your armchair!

5th December 2007 Print
Fifty years of the Seven - from your armchair! There are not many cars that can challenge the legendary Caterham Seven in terms of performance, heritage and admiration. A race car on the road, the Seven strips driving back to its basics and focuses it to reward the driver quite like no other.

September 2007 marked fifty uninterrupted years of production and sports car supremacy for the popular British car. Fifty Years of the Seven is released to celebrate this motoring milestone, taking the viewer on a two-and-a-half-hour, full-throttle history lesson.

The sequences of a Seven speeding through London in the opening credits of the 1960s cult programme The Prisoner alone inspired many people to desire a Seven. But it’s the car’s ability to out-class machines that can cost more than houses is what makes the Seven so loved.

The Seven’s illustrious past is documented on this film from the car’s inception by Lotus-founder Colin Chapman and early track successes, through to the takeover by Caterham Cars, the launch of globally successful race series and world record-breaking special editions. Insightful interviews with key figures behind the Seven’s success get you right under the bonnet of exactly what makes this car so addictive.

Highlights include footage from the events held to mark this momentous anniversary, such as the Golden Jubilee races at Donington Park where 330 Sevens from around the world competed on track over the course of a weekend as a one-off race. The heart-racing footage is non-stop, wheel-to-wheel action - often bumper on bumper!

Though 50 years old, the Caterham Seven shows no signs of slowing down.

The DVD costs £19.99 and is only available from Caterham Cars directly, visit

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Fifty years of the Seven - from your armchair!