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Abbey International offers new range of Premium Notice Accounts

2nd August 2010 Print

Abbey International, part of the Global Division of Santander Private Banking, has announced the launch of a new 180 day notice option to its Premium Notice account range. These accounts offer clients rising rates of interest for longer notice periods. Interest rate tiers have also been introduced across the range from the minimum balance up to £249,999, with a second tier for balances of £250,000 and above paying a higher rate on the whole balance.

Three choices of notice period are available, 60, 120 and 180 days, with interest rates of 1.75% gross/AER, 2.00% gross/AER and 2.25% gross/AER available respectively on balances of £250,000 and over. Funds can only be withdrawn upon receipt of the appropriate notice, but there is also a monthly interest option available.

The minimum balance required for the 60 and 120 day notice options is £25,000, whilst for the 180 day variant, the figure is £50,000. Interest is payable from the opening balance up to £249,999, giving a return of 1.50% gross/AER, 1.75% gross/AER and 2.00% gross/AER paid on each of the notice options respectively. Higher rates are payable on the total balance over £250,000.

Commenting on the new account range, Head of Client Experience Jane Matthews said, “Our new range of Premium Notice Accounts meets an important need amongst clients in the current markets, offering attractive interest rates and the security of banking with a subsidiary of Santander which has more than 150 years experience in banking and has clients all over the world.”

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