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Asda launches new £25 mobile phone tariff

9th September 2010 Print

Recent Pulse survey findings show that over half of Asda shoppers (54%) are cutting their monthly spending by switching to SIM only deals rather than expensive and lengthy phone contracts which can incur hidden costs and extra charges.

Following extensive customer feedback and research, Asda Mobile launches the new Asda £25 mobile phone tariff, a month by month SIM only deal which is paid for upfront rather than via direct debit ensuring no additional costs are incurred.

Almost half of Asda shoppers found that signing up to an 18 month minimum contract (45%), followed by not knowing whether they’re on the most cost effective contract (30%) followed by receiving additional hidden charges (18%) to be the greatest annoyances of signing up to a new phone contract.

Approximately a third of Asda shoppers (32%) go over their expected monthly phone bill by 10 – 20% with almost 1 in 10 (8%) going over by 30 - 40% which can rack up to a significant amount of wasted money each year. Approximately half of Asda shoppers (51%) want greater transparency and advice on the best phone package available to them as the key improvement to their existing mobile phone service.

In response to this, today Asda launches the Asda Mobile Tariff Guarantee Service which will advise customers on the best Asda Mobile phone tariff to get the most value for their money. This is an industry first in terms of a free ‘opt in’ for Asda Mobile customers who will be advised on a monthly basis as to whether their chosen tariff is the most suitable for them, or whether an alternative may be more relevant to the individual’s requirements.

Asda is well known for bringing iconic pricing and putting the customer first and has previously sold Britain’s lowest priced Pay As You Go mobile phone ever priced at £5. In May 2010 Asda Mobile won the Which? Best Buy award for Pay-as-you-go mobile service provider, including 5 stars for cost of using phone, customer service and coverage.

James McMurrough, Asda Mobile says:

“At Asda we listen to our customers’ needs and in return offer them the best value for money. We have made our phone tariffs as transparent as possible and what you see is what you get. For high usage users, the £25 phone tariff gives unlimited calls and texts with absolutely no hidden costs. To add to this, we’re proud to announce an industry first with the Asda Mobile Tariff Guarantee Service which will help ensure that each and every customer is on the best possible phone deal for them resulting in even greater value for all our customers.”

For further details on the latest Asda phone tariffs, please visit  or visit in store.