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Thomson launches Greener Holidays Brochure

24th September 2010 Print
Greener holidays

Thomson has launched its first Greener Holidays Brochure. It includes 86 different hotels around the world that have received a Travelife Award, for their commitment to the environment, employees and local communities.

The brochure aims to make it easier for customers to select a greener holiday, one of Thomson’s commitments in its Holidays Forever campaign.
The Greener Holidays Brochure will also be a useful tool for agents. Each shop has been provided with a printed copy that has been printed on 100 percent recycled paper. Agents would use it to show customers that they can take a more sustainable holiday, but won’t have to pay more or compromise on quality.  Customer copies are available online and the E-brochure is downloadable from the new Thomson Holidays Forever site, as well as the Thomson site.
Sister company First Choice has also launched a new edition of its Greener Holidays Brochure. First Choice’s brochure was a first for the mainstream holiday industry in the UK when it was launched in April 2009.
Jane Ashton, Head of Sustainable Development for Thomson and First Choice said: “Thomson’s Greener Holidays Brochure is another step forward in achieving the commitments set out in our Holidays Forever campaign. Holidays Forever represents the next stage of Thomson and First Choice’s sustainable development strategy and aims to get our customers on board supporting sustainable tourism to help preserve their holidays long into the future. Our research has shown that customers do care about the environment and want their holiday company to make it easier for them to select a greener holiday. With over 86 hotels worldwide to choose from, there is a collection of holidays to suit all tastes.”
Thomson and First Choice Greener Holidays brochures don’t just focus on hotels. The brochures also includes details on sustainable activities and top tips on what holidaymakers can do to make a difference, both before and during their holiday.
Thomson and First Choice are also working towards having all its suppliers Travelife-awarded by 2014. Find out more about Thomson and First Choice’s Holidays Forever commitments at their new microsites: and holidaysforever/firstchoice

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Greener holidays