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Cheap air fares set to disappear?

28th September 2010 Print

This week, Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary warned of the demise of bargain air fares, as the no-frills airline pulled out of five airport routes across the UK.

The end of cheap air travel signals a gloomy outlook for today’s cash-starved consumers, who will have to work harder to save the pennies, but according to alternative forms of travel may hold the answer.

“Ryanair’s warning that low air fares will be a thing of the past will cause alarm among today’s price sensitive consumers, who are already under pressure to save money across the board, on anything from travel, to energy bills and groceries,” said Anel Bruns, EMEA Product Manager,

According to Bruns, the travel sector is clearly under pressure and consumers are bearing the brunt. Consumer choice is fast disappearing, with a number of travel companies going out of business this summer, Ryanair pulling out of major air routes across the UK and proposed UK rail fare increases, all putting pressure on household budgets.

“With airfares on the rise, the days of travelling a few thousand miles for £1 are long gone. Now is the time for consumers to consider their options in order to get the best deal. For example, alternatives like coach travel or car hire rental can not only provide a cheaper way to travel, but can also help to reduce carbon footprints when compared to air travel.

“The increase in air fares does not mean the end of affordable travel for consumers, but rather provides the opportunity for savvy travelers to explore different ways of getting to their destination,” Bruns said.

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